Greek Mythology – Zeus vs Christianity Assignment

Greek Mythology – Zeus vs Christianity Assignment Words: 665

Animal sacrifice was hugely important to the gods. Human sacrifice however was not acceptable. It was okay for the gods to swallow each other (Zeus with his pregnant wife Metes, and Crocus who swallowed Issue’s brothers and sisters) because they cannot die. This was not the case when Locally served Zeus his dismembered son. Infuriated Zeus punished Oilcan’s insolence by turning him into a wolf and striking his remaining sons down with thunderbolts.

Animal sacrifice In Christianity became outdated with the New Testament however the Christian god sacrificed his son Jesus for the sins of the people and long before the crucifixion he ordered Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac to show how deep his love for the god went, before stopping Abraham as he was about to obey. The third race that came before us -the fourth and final Iron race, was the bronze race. It is here that versions of this myth change.

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It is said that Zeus grew tired of the Bronze species and wanted to exterminate them to make space for an improved race, but they eradicated themselves with relentless fighting before he had the chance. Yet in another version one that links to Christianity, is that he brought about a primeval load to destroy the bronze people save for two, Education and Pyrrhic. This couple would become the race that all modern humans are descended from Just Like Noah and his family. Unlike with Noah, who was Instructed by God himself to build an ark.

Decathlon was warned by his father Prometheus to build a chest to hide his wife and himself in until the flood was over. After nine days and nine nights their chest came to rest on mount Apparatus. The first thing Education did was make a sacrifice to Zeus, who showing he could be a Just god granted him a favor – to repopulate the earth. Out of all the Olympian Zeus is most like the Christian god, not in character but in power. He controls the skies, the weather and law and order just like the Christian god. He is also at times called the father, as he is the ruler of all the gods, goddesses and mortal men.

But the two also have many differences. The Christian god does not ever change his form although he represents three persons – The father, the son and the Holy Split. Zeus could change his form and he particularly liked to use It when he was trying to seduce a woman. An example of this being when he transformed myself into a white bull and carried Europe off into the sea and to the island of Zeus was an incredibly temperamental and egotistical god who could wipe out an entire race for not respecting the gods or if he felt they were not up to standard.

The bible states that the Christian god is a perfect being with no human flaws and vices. This is definitely not the case with the twelve Olympian who have proven time and time again that they have human flaws. They fight, argue, act irrationally and are heavily prejudice thus reducing themselves to mortal level. In most cases it is Zeus who is trying to reign the other gods and goddesses in. Such as in The Odyssey by Homer – Poseidon and Zeus argue over the fate of Odysseus.

Zeus wants him to go home while Poseidon wants him killed sending storms to delay him and ultimately forcing Zeus to intervene. The Christian god has none of these flaws and is said to only act with perfect fairness and Justice. Therefore the nature of the wrathful, temperamental and egotistic Greek gods is wholly different to the one all-powerful Christian god who is said to be all forgiving, but who has no mortal flaws or vices like that of the Olympian.

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