Global Advertising Assignment

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This exactly is my topic of research. How one product can have a different approach in different parts Of the world, and thus different advertisements. The two brands I am going to talk about are McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. Both are famous fast food places started in USA. Both are popular worldwide and have numerous chains in various countries across the world. They serve the same food all over the world. McDonald’s is famous for its burgers, French fries and basically American fast food while Pizza Hut is a endowed pizza place.

They target the same group of people. Yet there is a major difference in the way they market and advertise their products. There is a noticeable diversity in an advertisement of McDonald’s in the USA, India and a Middle Eastern country. The advertisements have to be made and altered according to the culture of the region. My presentation will have a detailed view of why advertisements are changed according to the place. How a place affects the brand and its marketing strategy and thus the advertisements.

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How culture plays an important role in the way the advertisements are showed. A series of ads of each product, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut respectively, from different parts of the world will be shown, and then a direct comparison will be made. Why the ads are different and how they have to be altered will be mentioned. An entire overview of culture, ideas and notions and product advertisements will be shown and discussed. The basic question of how and why advertisements of same products are different in different places will be answered.

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