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Communications management, media, government affairs, publicity, investor elation’s, community relations, consumer relations, and employee relations are organizational functions while marketing communications, consumer relations, public affairs and issues management plus social responsibility are societal functions. An industry must develop a positive image to the public and within the industry. (Sites 2006) To present this image successfully, a corporation must take need action in both categories. Organizational Functions Organizational functions are just as the title would imply, in-house.

Farley defines communications management as “the systematic planning, implementing, monitoring, and revision of all the channels of communication within an organization and between organizations” (Farley 2006) Communication is essential in getting the message the company wants to employees, investors and other businesses. To ensure the exact message a company wants to convey is conveyed, the message has to be prepared for each audience, it must have all the information necessary for that audience so they understand the message and is the message the company expects. Harris 2006) It is important to remember any internal messages will most keel become external messages as they are shared with family and friends. Investor relations are any activity leading to the disclosure of information required by compliance and to make good investment judgments. (Farley 2006) Since most large companies are publicly traded having one person collect information on competitors, annual reports, and distribution of information to those investors.

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Investor relations could have a large legal impact on the share price of company stock if the information is not correct. Giving an investor timely information will ensure the investor continues to eve an interest in the company. Communication management plays a part in investor relations due to the information that is gather for those investors. Societal Functions Societal communications are publicity and marketing communication. Publicity is a function that can foster positive coverage for a company allowing for the organization to be shown in the best light possible.

Dealing with the media is the largest function a PR professional has to deal with. The media can help support an accepting caring attitude with the consumer. (Woolen 2006) Merriam Webster defines PR as “the business of inducing he public to have understanding for and goodwill toward a person, form or institution with a degree of understanding or good will achieved. ” With this definition you will find who cares about your company, this goodwill and understanding will help maintain your reputation among consumers.

This can be accomplished many ways, meetings, displays, brochures, literature, television and radio commercials. (Sites 2006) Social responsibility is another function where an organization gives to the welfare of society without adding to the bottom line. Society expects and wants companies to give back; the public will view these companies more costively. Companies can act socially responsible in a number of ways, they can give to charity, plant trees, fund scholarships, participate in Habitat for Humanity, adopt a family at the holidays.

While these activities do not add to the bottom line immediately, the goodwill these activities foster will add to the profits of the company by creating loyal customers. Similarities and Differences of Functions The similarities and differences between the organizational and societal functions of PR is the organizational function is concerned with keeping order with company’s public, the employees and investors. The societal function focuses on the benefit of the exchange between the corporation and consumers.

These functions can and does overlap causing a blur on what function belongs where. The PR professional has a power few others in the company have, reporting generally directly to the president of the company, a power leading the PR professional to marketing activities that concern the goodwill and reputation of the company. Although PR professionals do not make decisions to bring about change to the organization, they do monitor and relate with the public, internal or external, the PR professional has the information to make the suggestion for change in direction. Loiterer et al, 2004) For anything that maybe considered a difference is soon wiped away by the similarities of the functions, as they all have the same desired end. All functions are shaped to build goodwill between the community and organization. All the functions give an edge to a PR campaign giving a competitive standing to an organization to build the respect and trust with the consumer.

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