Forensics On Trial Unit Assignment

Forensics On Trial Unit Assignment Words: 258

What are some of the challenges with fingerprint evidence? What is science doing to make fingerprint analysis better? Finger prints can easily be wiped off. Scientists are seeking better ways to preserve fingerprints more efficiently. They started with releasing heated congratulate into a sealed box with items like a gun handle and knives, that would soak up all of the sweat and oils from the items which would make the fingerprint visible to the naked eye. 2.

What are some of the challenges with bite mark analysis? Bite marks can easily be mistaken for another persons bite mark possibly putting the wrong person in jail. 3. What are the benefits for forensic scientists of virtual autopsies? With the virtual autopsy you can see more than you could if you were to do a physical autopsy. 4. What are the challenges with blood spatter analysis? Blood splatter can be easily contaminated which would make it an unusable piece of evidence. 5. What is ICC-Crime?

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What benefits does it offer forensic science? L. C. Crime is a simulated crime scene. The benefits of the l. C. Crime is that it makes it super hard to contaminate the crime scene. 6. Which new forensic technology discussed in the video do you think will have the greatest impact on forensic science? Why? I think the l. C. Crime scene will be the biggest help to investigators so they can take the crime scene with them and not have to worry about the scene getting contaminated or messed with.

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