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We are now preparing to launch a new multimedia tablet “GALAXY TAB summed’ in a maturing market. Despite the tablet leaders Apple, SASS, Leno, Kindle and others “GALAXY TAB summer” can compete because this product offers a unique combination of features at a value-added price. Samsung is targeting specific segments in the female consumers and the young generation markets, taking advantage of opportunities indicated by higher demand for easy to use tablet with expanded communications, entertainment, software and storage facility.

The more important is that we are now launching a new rise which give the customers, especially the female customers, a new option: the “GALAXY TAB summer” is a series of colorful and nice-looking tablets in an incredible viewing experience. We believe that we have developed the best possible strategy for Samsung to implement moving forward with their advertising efforts for this product.

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By promoting the Samsung “GALAXY TAB summer” unique, all-encompassing entertainment experience as “not just another new tablet,” we believe that we will be able to catch the attentions of our target market and convince them to go Out and buy a Samsung “GALAXY TAB summer. Product descriptions: ASSUMING Galaxy Tab Summer Wi-If Bibb works like no other tablet with its colorful design. It’s for people who looking faster processor that can help them do their work faster (Faster Internet connection and upload files). Surfing is easy without problem “missing a plugging”. Seamlessly move back and forth between APS without losing your place.

See your related activities grouped together automatically, so you stay organized. If a call or text message arrives on your SAMSUNG Prep smartened, you can answer or reply right from Galaxy Tab Summer. Not to mention share websites with there SLIMMING web SO devices. Plus you experience more of the web thanks to Adobe Flash Player. Galaxy Tab Summer tablet includes essential productivity APS right out Of the box. Print wirelessly to compatible networked printers. And browse the full web at blazing speed with support for the latest web technologies, including a beta of Adobe Flash Player 10. 3 Marketing Objective Calculation 4. Million customers for the new product For the first season after launching the new product According to the history notes of former Samsung Galaxy Tab products We predict that the first season after launching our new product will surely show the good result of sales Bayesian Analysis Optimistic El = 1 500 000 Most likely E-2- 1 OHO OHO pessimistic 500 OHO Previous expected value: (1 150000= 1 oho 000 units Revised forecast with $18 million advertising campaign 177000= 135700 O units 1357000 units, $ 120 profit for each 840 000 Segmentation& Target Market& Positioning strategy Statement Segmentation: Females from age 18 to 30 Large: Global market Target define: Office ladies, Students, Young house wives, fashioner Demographic Sex: Female Age: from 18 to 30 Family size: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or more Occupation: professional women, fashionable women, students (especially high school and university), young housewives.

Kind of relationship: Weak loyalty C] Strong loyalty to vendor Arms length dealing њ close relationship Lifestyle of the target We mainly intend to attract the target customers who are fashionable and willing to purchasing new things in life. They may be willing to try new technology, they are not conservative. Also, the target customers may interested in fashion. They chase exquisite things to get the high quality life. Perceptual maps Similar products: Price and quality comparison Similar products: price and popularity comparison Similar products: price and appearance comparison Similar products: price and humiliation comparison Summary: According to the 4 perceptual maps above, Apple PAD is the most expensive one, with a high quality, well done humiliation and a good looking appearance. But according to the market, Apple did not launch the colorful PAD as we do.

Sony, Sass, Leno and Kindle Fire have their own selling. For example, Sonny’s Expert is a waterproof product, and Kindle Fire is a good choice to buy if you read E-books. As for our product Samsung galaxy ABA summer, we mainly featured an exquisite, elegant, well-looking tablet which create a new market in the existing ones. Positioning strategy statement: We identify our product is at a well- appearance, fine quality and reasonable price position. Samsung is a pioneer in most of the technological sector. We offer the newest tablet technology to the consumers over the past few years. This positioning strategy improves the sales and increase the number of the Samsung customers.

As for the Samsung GALAXY TAB summer, we will offer the customer a high class, practical and comfortable using experience. Product strategy Our SAMSUNG tablet will be marketed as a product of: Various and colorful design Friendly and almost intuitive to use Reasonable cost Effectiveness Us period Quality Reliability Usage both for professional and young female customers Many use cases that will be promoted fife circle of product of product pad development/investment phase: half year Product sales: 1 years Product maturity: half year Unique selling proposition: Our pad knows better what females want. After sale-warranty, service Technical Support/Hippie desk: Assistance with technology merchandise like

PC’s, software products, mobile phones, televisions and most electrical or mechanical products Customer Support: Includes services that help the customer with the product Automated Customer Seen,’ice: Provides assistance 24 hours a day and is available online Support Automation: Includes online knowledge bases like forums in which to ask questions, proactive support such as 24/7 monitoring for alarm systems, and preventative support that generates solutions through questions, logbook files or configuration changes. Price: 399?? We set the product price of 399?? in order to get in the market very quickly. It is the competitors price, in consider of having some very strong competitors (APPLE, SASS, etc. ) Competitors’ prices (like products): APPLE: EGG POD air 579?? rental 489?? Sony expert Z 429?? EGG POD expert OZ 499?? Kindle Are HEAD. ” 429?? Leno 449. 99?? SASS Eye pad Nexus 239?? The price will be a way to increase our market share in tablet market. It also helps to strengthen and develop our brand value. The launch of this product shows the diversification and abundance of our tablet product series. Distribution strategy Distribution Types Distribution Methods Company owned or provided Direct Sales Your Own Sales Force Catalog/Mail Order Telephone Internet Distributors/Whisperers Indirect Sales Independent firm usually carries physical inventory & performs the physical distribution and sales function on your behalf. Can sell to retailers/dealers or direct to end-user. Value Added Resellers (Bars) Indirect Sales Independent firm that sells to end-users and adds tangible value to the product or service being sold Retailers/Dealers Indirect Sales Independent firm that sells to end-users and usually inventories physical product Directly from Online SAMSUNG store (phone orders included) From a network of resellers and worldwide partners From the chain of SAMSUNG Retail Stores Distribution Intensity: Products are stocked in the majority Of outlets. Role of sales force in distribution Engage customers at all stages of the relationship Re-engage previous customers through promotions, discounts, and communications. Building trust throughout the customer sales cycle increases customer satisfaction. Field reps Telemarketers Sales team competitions with rewards that employees actually want can motivate team members to try up selling with each customer and to be more tragic in their up-selling pitches.

Number of units sold per outlet per year: 8 million Communication plan Social Media: Backbone, Twitter, Mainstream, Licked Social media’s new advertising platform will let us target ads and “like” posts. As such, we can make more people seen our advertisement. Traditional media/print ads: technology magazines, fashion magazines, newspaper We will launch the advertisements on technology magazines so that some fans can see our newest product. And we also put in the fashion magazines because we target at females, and our product is a fashion icon too. Television, commercial series Launching advertisement on TV can attract some housewives’ attentions. Radio ads We will place ads on radio networks which focusing on news, technology, and business reports.

Outdoor advertising Posters in undergrounds, bus stations, outdoor screens of big squares, Digital Billboards. Poster 1 Poster 2 Poster 3 Sales promotion plans The very first step of our sales promotion plans is to send our products to some popular Stars, models and some fashion icons for free. They just need to receive our product as a gift, and post a Backbone status or an Mainstream o let their fans to know. After that, we start to hold some fashion parties in each big city all over the world (New York, London, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok… ), which will invite the local fashion icons to attend. If customers keep the invoice of our product, they can get a free ticket to enter our party.

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