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Jett Palframan Ms. Nicolson Film Studies Connected This short drama film follows two protagonists and their struggles with bullying, social media and trust. The “popular” girl Abby Hull is beautiful, seemingly confident and can be very mean when she wants to be. Although she has no trouble being a bully in the really world, Abby prefers to do it behind the protection of her computer. Abby picks on numerous girls over social media because of dark issues that reside inside her due to her everyday struggle with her home life.

Abby has no control at er house so she feels the need to make others lower than her so she can feel more powerful. When Abby begins to feel more than ever helpless with her home issues she picks a new victim, Erin Geller. Erin is almost the opposite of Abby as she is very self-conscious and is a daily victim of bullying. Because Erin is very critical of herself and is “different “she proves to be the perfect target for Abby to pick on. Abby begins her quest to make Erin’s confidence drop by commenting, messaging and posting awful things on Erin’s profile.

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After numerous cyber-attacks by Abby, Erin finally decides that enough is enough and takes action. One of Abbrs traits is that she is very boy crazy so Erin devises a plan to attack her weakness. Erin creates a fake boy profile named Alex Sivan with the attributes that Erin knows Abby would love. Slowly Erin starts talking to Abby through Alex’s profile to gain her trust. Eventually, after numerous online chats, Abby believes that her and her newly found cyber friends are dating. Abby tells all her friends that she and Alex re dating but some of them are skeptical.

The friends try to warn Abby to be careful but she has no doubt in her mind that the person she spilt all her secrets to have a true relationship. Abby begins to feel very upset because her friends don’t believe that Alex is a true person. When Abby gets home she immediately goes to talk to Alex for comfort and support but Alex/Erin had other ideas. As Erin’s final plot to “destroy’ Abby she plans on using the Alex account to get promiscuous pictures and secrets from Abby and eleasing them on the internet.

When Alex asks for pictures Abby has no hesitation and immediately gives him what he asks for. The next day Abby comes to school to find a crowd of people laughing at what she soon finds out is her nude pictures posted from Erin’s profile. Abby goes to talk to Erin about what she posted and that is where Abby finds the true identity of Alex. Abby is so upset and humiliated about what happened he goes home and locks herself in the bathroom, not knowing what she does next… film studies By Jettpalf

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