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That feminism is irrelevant to young women today Feminism IS relevant to young women today. Let’s take a moment to think about the topic that we have been given today. The negative team are arguing that fearfulness Is Irrelevant to young women at the present…… Relight…. So despite the fact that throughout history, women have faced many difficulties and have succeeded In overcoming them, feminism is irrelevant today…. *intended pause*. Despite the fact that women have fought for equal rights – voting rights, working rights, sexism laws, and are still fighting workplace sexism.

The fact that they are subjected to bullying not that males are not), that they are subjected to violence, patriarchy…. Feminism is apparently irrelevant to the young women of the present. Does something not sound right about that? Feminism is VERY relevant to today’s society. We are here to discuss this topic, because there Is a population of people who do not fully understand or fail to comprehend the importance of feminism In the young women of the present. Good evening adjudicator, chairperson, fellow debaters, ladles and gentlemen.

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We, the affirmative team are here to ultimately convince you that feminism IS In fact, without a doubt, relevant to young women today. We commend the negative team for their arguments, however we would like to point auto few of the flaws in the teams’ arguments. . Before I begin my arguments, I will introduce my team: Maria, our second speaker will be speaking about And our fall speaker Lilies will further enforce our arguments and convince you completely that feminism IS important and relevant to the young women of today. ) PATRIARCHY – Throughout the ages, women thru a variety of cultures and societies have been thwarted in gaining rights and opportunities. These walls that held these women from accessing what they rightfully deserved sprung out of restudies which classified the roles of women, which were to be: a good wife, a good mother and a good career. The tasks Involved In these roles comprised of: cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children, and buying food, Just to name a few. Ladles and gentlemen, this Is what we call patriarchy!

Where males are offered easy, instant access to political, social and economic rights, overrode that of women’s, thus but at a totally new level. We fought for our right to education. We had to fight for the right…. To learn. To learn….. Does having to fight for the right to learn sound right? Learning, education! Is a basic right that every human should be automatically given without having to fight for it! Nevertheless, we succeeded in gaining the right to be able to learn. Now what are we fighting for? We’re fighting for rights AFTER education.

Now we have to fight for equality AFTER education. Women are faced with fighting for the right to be paid equal to men for doing the SAME JOB. Women are fighting for the right to be treated equally in the workforce as men. The right to learn and the right to equality are basic human rights that women have to FIGHT for to this very day. Something is not right. Also, think about what percentage of women are holding a high position in power? Okay, so we have Julia Gaillardia, our Prime Minister, and Governor-General Question Bryce…. We could say the Queen but she is a mere figure- head.

What percentage of women are on company boards? A miniscule, get this…. 18%, world wide, according to the Penn State Gender of Company Boards study. It’s not Just in company boards – with the Church as well. A nun can’t become a priest? She can’t become a cardinal, or a bishop or a pope for that matter. The young women of today NEED feminism to understand the past difficulties that women have endured to gain simple human rights, and the difficulties TODAY that women have to endure to gain simple human rights. The right to education. The right to equality. ) THE YOUNG WOMEN OF TODAY – The struggles that the young women of today face are: * violence * exploitation * bullying * inequality Let’s start with exploitation and violence – women are often seen as objects. Sexual comments are thrown at them in and outside of the workplace – ranging from “hey Hattie” to more inappropriate comments which I will not mention. Clearly if I can’t mention them, the severity of the issue is high. Young women are to be taught that comments and remarks like these are not to be taken as compliments or with a pinch of salt.

They are to be fought back against and denunciated. Women are not submissive; women are not weak or fragile. They are strong, capable and equal, and the young women of today need to be aware of that. Bullying – one girl wrote on a blob “l need feminism because I get made fun of by my own friends for being the only feminist perspective in my health class. ” Inequality – women are subjected to endless inequalities, as I listed before; employment, pay, gender. Young women of the present need to be educated on what is right and what is wrong, as any child needs to.

But in particular, they need to be educated in their rights so that they don’t grow up in an unfair world. Ladies and gentlemen have a think for a minute – which of you would do absolutely nothing if your daughter was discriminated against? Which of you would sit back and allow her to receive less pay than a boy of equal capability, age and position as her to complete the same Job? Which of you would let her employer devalue the skills she brings into the workforce? And finally, which of oh would allow her to be discriminated against because of she was a girl?

Does she allowed to do? The list of feminists currently lobbying and that have lobbied in the past is crazy! If there was not a problem, why would they try to draw attention to the cause? , why would they support their cause? , why would they raise awareness of the cause? If it was not an issue, why would so many people, both men and women, fight so hard and for so long? Look how far we’ve come from absolute patriarchy in politics, with men having all access keys to politics but women being barred from it. World wide, less than a third of the MSP are women.

Less than a third. It may not seem like a lot, but in comparison to what it used to be – it is plenty, and this number continues to grow everyday as women fight for their rights. Feminism is so relevant to today’s young women. They learn from great feminists like, Hillary Clinton, Kurt Cabin, John Lennox, Madonna, Yoke Non and Harriet Tuba, Just to name a few. The young women of today will learn to fight for their rights without fail and to stop at nothing. Feminism is VERY relevant to the young women of today. Thank you.

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