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Stating also that feel that women need to unite in order to make some kind of impact and change within society today. I somewhat agree with my results however, I feel as though the questions were too general and vague. There were limitations to each answer selection that was given. I didn’t feel that during the test all of the answer options given spoke to the way I felt, so it made the test a little too general for me. My thoughts felt limited. Don’t believe that I am for one gender more than the other, I feel as though men and women should receive equal opportunities and rights.

But in today’s society that mentality is lagging. Too many people are focused on one person being oboe another, when we should all be working to lift one another up in status. This test in some ways is proof of that because the answer I received was very hardcore “You are a feminist! ” and seemed click?? with only two results. Either you were a feminist or you weren’t, there didn’t appear to be any gray or in between areas, which personally didn’t agree with. Yes, I feel that there is a negative stigma towards feminism, when in fact there shouldn’t be.

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Feminism is ideally that men and women should be viewed as equals. However, in today’s society feminism is not viewed as fighting for equal rights but only for women’s rights, which is not the case. Feminism is defined as, the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. (dictionary. Com n. D. ) The word feminism gets negative feedback because men feel as though women are in fact attacking them and that is not the case. As stated, “Feminism IS equality,” said Elaine Song CM (undefined) ’17. People often misinterpret it to be a movement that attacks men, but feel that feminism is about empowering both men and Women to break Out of gender roles. It’s about understanding the political, economic, and social systems of oppression we’ve created and how that affects the way society, ND we, perceive ourselves. ” (The Stigma Against Feminism). As a child, there are automatic things that you learn or are taught based off of a presumption about gender roles. For example, Boys are to be strong and the “bread winners” while the girls are mainly focused on beauty and taking care of the home.

This is what society portrays as ideal and it is now outdated, because there are plenty of families where the father stays home and the mother brings in the money. It’s all a matter of perception and it is such a stereotype that needs to die. Women can and are just as able as men and vice versa. As taught both of these gender roles. However, I am now aware Of them and no I don’t think they have stuck with me. Tend to equalize myself in this male dominated world we lie in today. I feel as though I broke the chain and have defied the “idealistic” world we live in.

I would prefer to be an equal to the men in my society and there is nothing stopping me from that. I remember it bothering me that my brother was allowed to do certain things that I was not, for example if he got dirty it was “he’s just being a boy’ and if I got dirty “it was the question what are you doing? Little girls are supposed to stay clean. It was something that bothered me and I had to be this clean kid, while my brother was allowed to be a “boy. ” Which I never felt was fair.

In my family, my aunt is the bread winner with all of the benefits, while yes her husband works from time to time she is the main one who is bringing in the income, this was different to me. Yet in some way it enlightened me and made me want to someday do the exact same thing. Not to belittle the men, but as a status of accomplishment and proof that I can and I am able to take control and handle business when necessary. In some ways, feel as though in days society women are taking charge and taking the world by surprise.

Such as pop culture, where Beyond?? stands at the highest point, being compared to great works such as Michael Jackson. She has her own company and is all for women empowerment. She speaks of this in many of her songs and having an all women band. She speaks freely about the rights of women and she feels as though women deserve respect and equality, not just in America but all over the world. This is one of the many reasons I happen to enjoy her music, and find her to be a phenomenal woman. In her song The message is pretty clear. But then there’s the interlude by Nigerian-born writer and feminist Chainman Ongoing Dedicate.

The song excerpts the author’s TED Talk on feminism: We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller/We say to girls: ‘You can have ambition, but not too much/You should aim to be successful, but not too successful/Otherwise, you will threaten the man. ” (Dockworker E. ) The song is all about feeling beautiful in your own skin. No matter what anyone says know that you are beautiful and challenge anyone who says otherwise. The idea Of feminism in pop culture is a booming topic because it has been going n for many years now.

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