Feminism Assignment

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Feminism is the social movement that looks for female supremacy in many aspects women have been threatened in history. It had been proven that women have more capacity than men in many aspects of ruling, such as being authority of any kind. This is because of the women capacity of acting looking forward to a complete panorama focusing on the problem, meanwhile men look directly to the issue or situation without taking into account all the things that it brings. The feminist’s movements search for female supremacy in life aspects that women have more opacity than men.

This movement became strong since the French revolution. The lack of respect for women’s right is a big problem in the world that feminism can solve. We cannot search for equality since men and women are not equal, neither physically nor mentally speaking; then what we must search along this movement is the supremacy of women in the aspects of society and the whole world it is required. The team strongly believes that feminism is the solution for stopping prostitution, portion and all kinds of abuse toward women.

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Even if abortion and prostitution seem as a big problem they are something more serious, a symptom of how society is not fair for women, because women have always lived in a world for men. The solution to these problems that may seem big but are small in comparison to abuse toward woman is feminism; giving women the real place they deserve in the world, as rulers and as the hope of it. Women ruling can stop violence injustices and big differences that men’s ruling had not.

We already gave a big amount of time for men ruling to solve problems and we strongly believe that women’s turn is beginning. In history, there is evidence that many historical women have changed the world using non violent methods; and it is enough to prove that it is time for a change to happen. Feminism is not Just a social movement, but the complete change that will change the world if applied correctly. We are not talking about women abusing on men, but giving women the opportunity of making a big change in the whole world.

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