Fashion swot analyse & marketing mix Assignment

Fashion swot analyse & marketing mix Assignment Words: 418

Spread Into different types of market Improve staffs skill Improve parking places Cheap Chinese goods from individual entrepreneurs another Vietnamese products brand Saturated market Kilometer 109 Good Quality Good materials Good design&trendy products Care about details Reasonable price for middle categories Advertising through celebrity & magazines 80% imported materials specific products for certain circles of consumers limited colors palette Not strong Advertising Find out more good material Inside country Spread categories of customers Improve advertisement.

Tailoring stuffs another Vietnamese designer brand Saturated market. Ezra Strong branding Trendy/fashionable products Comfortable parking Imported products specific products for high end level consumers Find a way to enter & advertising products among Vietnamese Elite consumers. Copyright disruption Another high level market brands Strabismus Spread into different types of market My Brand – Galore Trendy products Variety types of products Product availability for different level market. Trained personnel/staff Comfortable parking&every details in shop

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Organic materials within country Strong advertising Cost might be too high for Viet Name’s market. Specific for certain type of consumers Find a way to enter & advertising products among Vietnamese Elite consumers. Develop strong advertisement Marketing Mix Chart 5 as+C SAWS+H PEOPLE WHO Glamorous wild attitude, young (18-25 year old), arty, love for color, willing for adventures/experience/creative. PRODUCT WHAT Creative/fashionable/unusual women’s products PLACE WHERE Online, market mall stores in centre of city PRICE HOW MUCH High street price PROMOTION HOW,WHEN

Poster with promotion Photostat on street/bus station/high building Advertisement fashion video on MET, fashion TV, youth Appearance on well know high level fashion magazine like ELL, Bazaar , Cosmopolitan, Dazed, Pony Tail in a very creative performance Advertisement in poster inside market mall stores- in centre of city Advertisement through celebrity like – Lady Gaga COMPETITION Tops Berserk WHY Keno is a High brand with really interesting & creative design for street wear which be a threat for my brand USPS My new brand “Galore” which mean a mythology figure from Aboriginal myth -also ladled rainbow serpent- snake that symbolized the continuation of life on Earth. And so by this I want to say that life’s continue only when we still have colors around us. Product’s be very interesting & creative product. We’ll not have anything boring in our shop because life is not boring either. The way we dressed show our attitude toward life. Our customer buying our products are people that really love and like to use colors in their appearance.

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