Examining the Positive & Negative Aspects on Advertising Assignment

Examining the Positive & Negative Aspects on Advertising Assignment Words: 388

Anglo Institute English proficiency Examining the Positive & Negative aspects on Advertising Initially, Advertising strikes me as in the sense of typical publicity, or the need to get more information in a faster approach. These days, it has taken a much more in- depth perspective, becoming an indispensable characteristic of our societies’ habitual consumerism. As technology advances without limitations, we scrutinize the benefits ; troublesome facades of this ever-growing element in our culture.

From implementing an artificial demand for products ; encouraging excessive mesmerism, to creating an intrusive ; biased marketing atmosphere, it seems advertising can have no constructive traits. Yet we discover how they assist in funding Television Programmed ; Newspapers as well as informing customers of the availability in products, to name a few of the “Pro’s”. Have you ever examined how it is precisely, that as people in general, we tend to devour the multitude of media-information that is sent our way? It is no coincidence, nor mistake, that we are presented with such an abundance of selections in the marketplace.

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As we crave more varieties, colors ; dimensions, it is the duty of influential advertising to meet our unquenchable thirst. The plethora of television programmed ; Newspapers, dedicated to bringing you in contact with the exterior world, are only made a reality by the diligent investing ; financial aid generated by advertising. Now if you take a step back, ; a good look around… It would be quite an underestimation to not recognize the misleading, ; sometimes biased control that is put on the distribution of information. Plainly put, we view what is elected for us to view, to hear, to know; that ; only that.

Another shortcoming to our endurance of living in a purely consumer civilization, is the emphasis that said advertising puts on marketing. Although there may be a never-ending debate as to whether or not advertising is for the better or worst, one thing is for certain. It is a driving force in our society, from financing various projects of publicity, to putting in its’ two cents on spin control. But I can only speculate… If we are continually motivated to purchase without limitation, how are we ever to differ from what is unnecessary & what is most essential? Examining the Positive & Negative Aspects on Advertising By empathetically

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