Ethical Issue Marketing Assignment

Ethical Issue Marketing Assignment Words: 344

Fast food companies that show pictures of the perfect made sandwich, all ingredients showing, salad, round bread, etc. ND whenever a customer buys it comes all in pieces, not even one lull lettuce leaf, many times is smaller than what was “shown” in the picture etc. Key terms can also be used as claims or descriptions to a product reputation appeal, such as: New, Unique, extra-strength, or Super-strength. Since Puffery is a way of telling clients things to differentiate a product, or tell why is it batter compared to other concurrent, without a reliable reason, many courts call it often “license to lie”.

Taking by example the energy drink company Red Bull, which the slogan is “Give you wings” well if a consumer analyze all the advertising created by the company with cartoons, is basically people drinking their product and flying, which understandable not happen, but the slogan is still that, and the advertising are made around that meaning ethically talking, is a sort of lie the companies provide to consumers, but as soon as it is understandable and it does not hurt or fool people.

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Puffery many times entertains costumers, by many diverse advertising where people can see animals doing things never would happen in real life, or babies talking, etc. In the other hand, many times is a wrong information provided on the actual product, for example by examining a can of ice tea, which says “pure tea” or “natural” the ingredients on that can are basically 70% water, 10% corn syrup, 5% artificial flavors, and the rest would be the “tea” which leaves us with a doubt about puffery advertisement.

In conclusion people should always be aware of possible “make ups” on products they are bringing to their houses or consuming, sometimes a little it of research on the background of companies is not bad at all, makes it even a little bit more interesting, advertising was such as puffery should be appreciated by discovering new possibilities, and not as completely truth.

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