Effect of Advertising on Consumer Buying Behaviour Assignment

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My Professional Goal Statement Name: Olabisi, Hameed Oladele Degree Applying For: Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) Area of specialization: International Business After 25 years career as an advertising and marketing practitioner, I have decided to enrich my professional career with the vision to become an international business consultant who will build the needed vibrant business relationship bridges between the continent of Africa and the developed world.

Africa, with an estimated population of 814 million (about 12% of human race), is a huge market, with enormous human and material resources potentials for the overall welfare of human race. United State with just about 5% of the world population has contributed enormously to the well being of the world because it has been able to harness and manage its available resources advantageously. With the globalization and information technological drives now turning the world to a global village, it affords the right climate to mobilize investment focuses on the continent of Africa.

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Professionals from various fields across the globe are required to take up the challenges. This inform my agitation to acquire a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) in international business to give me the leverage as a world class consultant who will champion the course of establishing mutual business relationship between Africa and the developed World. My experienced as a Geography student at the undergraduate studies and the cumulative 25 years working experience as marketing, advertising and research fellow have exposed me to lots of potentials that need to be harnessed and exploited in the continent of Africa.

It requires astute professionals to turn these opportunities into goldmines to the benefits of the entire human race. Nigeria, my home country with an estimated population of 124,009,000 by the 2003 population census was ranked 10th in population among the 193 nations of the world. It is rated the most populated country in Africa. In th same 2003 approximately 3% of the population was said to be over 65 years of age, while 44% of the population were under 15 years of age. There were 101 males for every 100 females in the country in 2003.

According to a recent UN report, Nigerian annual population growth rate for 2000???2005 is 2. 53%, with the projected population for the year 2015 at 161,726,000. The population density in 2002 was 141 per sq km (364 per sq mi). Regional differences are significant; population is densest in the south and sparsest in the north. All these are pointers to the viability of the continent of Africa. In addition, Nigerian is blessed with numerous natural resources yet to be tapped. All these porten to huge opportunities to be harnessd for the overall welfare of humna race.

An in-depth knowledge of International marketing strategies will fill the gap. This is why I am taking the challenge to undergo the four years program to acquire the knowledge, establish, sustain and harness the networking relationships with academic colleagues expected across the globe in the program towards achieving the goal. Besides, I decided to do further studies in International Business motivated by the exposures I had recently when opportune to supervise and externally examine a number of MBA research projects by the Paris Graduate School of Management (PGSM) both in Nigeria and Ghana.

Some of the issues of great interest and appeal to me include international business, multicultural challenges in multinational investments and strategic issues in international marketing. As marketing communication practitioner, I saw the challenges as further opportunity to research more beyond my immediate domain and move to wider areas in terms of knowledge and human relations across the globe. A world standard study in international business will afford me the rare opportunity to share knowledge and experience with like minds across the globe.

This is a golden one for me. As a businessman in a multicultural country like Nigeria, prefect networking and polish human relations have remained the tradition. This, I believe, will enhance my ability to be able to relate perfectly well with all stakeholders in the pursuant of the DBA program. In addition, despite running my business, I have always been involved in academic duties; by both acquiring more degrees or diplomas, and even examining students at project levels.

All these have prepared my minds for the challenges in the DBA program. Considering all the alternatives available to me, I found Walden University suitable to my requirements for the DBA program because: The University offers reliable online program from feedbacks I had Through the information revealed to me the school overwhelming materials to enhance graduate studies. Being an internationally reputed institute, worldwide studentship will afford me the opportunity to network with other students all over the world to work ogether in achieving my goal of building vibrant business relationship bridges between the continent of Africa and the developed world. I must equally commend the appealing drive of the Walden University advisor, Francis Hardie, who has actually presented the school and the DBA program in convincing manner to me. He is indeed a professional marketer, and I wish to relate more with him in the future. As an entrepreneur, an online DBA is just ideal for me. The gap between academic learning and field application will be narrowed substantially.

In addition, I can equally use my office paraphernalia to acquire vital information that may otherwise be inaccessible. As the head of family, I have the primary responsibility to lead the family in many aspects, this is a major constrain to on campus studies, hence online DBA program is just ideal for me. Finally, as an international student I wish to appeal for a scholarship opportunity which I look forward to have at Walden University. I thank you for the opportunity.

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