Drama Homework Assignment

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The chosen character was Mrs. Johnston, she was a very calm and she cared a lot about her children but she didn’t have conditions to have twins so she cited to give one to Mrs. Lyons because she knew that Mrs. Lyons would take good care Of her child and the child would have a good education. ‘ decided to explore the lion because they both have similarities, for example, mothers lion really care about her children.

My eyebrows were raised, my mouth was little bit open to show that was shocked my hands were holding the chair very strongly and aggressive because lions are aggressive then I quickly got up and I gave three big large steps towards my partner, because lions have big paws and they are very fast. As a bit louder than her and my voice was bit pitched to show that I was transforming my character into a lion and my eyes were wide open, my eyebrows were raised from the inner sides to show sadness so I grabbed her clothes to show was desperate, I was nearly on my knees.

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My eyebrows pulled downwards towards the inner sides to show anger my mouth was wide open, I quickly stepped away from her because wanted to calm myself but my partner was getting a bit closer to me. Thought that both characters’ personality were similar because they are both retroactive and they really care about their children like for example, when Mrs. Johnston gave one of her twins she was thinking about his future and that he would have a better education and I think that a lion would do the same thing just to see their child grow in a better way.

Another reason how linked both characters’ personality was that they are both brave and strong for example, Mrs. Johnston would do anything so her family can have something to eat even though that she hasn’t got a man to help her and a lion would do the same thing just to keep her children fed. The way transformed the animal characteristics into my character was that, a lion has big paws so their movement is big and large so my character had to have big Steps and large to show that I was pretending to be a lion.

Another way I transformed the animal characteristics was that lions, are loud so whenever I was talking, I was always a bit louder than my partner to show how I was describing the lion. When I was exploring the lions characteristics was acting like a real lion, how they walk, how they attack, how they express their feelings, how protective hey are, how they relate with others etc.. When I was sure about how the lions are, started to act like Northernmost but with a lion personality but in a human body, for example my facial expression was angry to show that I was describing a lion.

Another example the steps of a lion are big and large so I had to make the same movement as them but at the same time as a lady. What have noticed from my partner was that she looked a bit dizzy, because she was balancing side to side in a slowly way when she walked. Her facial expression, her eyes were wide open to show that she was paying attention ND I thought she wanted to show that she wanted me to get scared of her and that she wanted me to be possessed because of her eye contact.

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