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The doctors came to me and said is life was in danger and the only thing that could save him was to live in the south. ” (Ibsen, 2011, Act 3, p. 590) Nora seen forging her father’s signature for a loan because woman were not permitted to get loans was necessary because the doctors told her that her husband would die If they did not go where It was warmer. Nora revealing her forging her father’s name in order to take out the loan and the things she has done in order to try and pay back the loan without having to reveal to her husband what she did shows that she is resourceful.

That she is not Just a frivolous boiled rich woman who has a husband that caters to her every whim. Her willingness to not buy anything expensive and new for herself shows that she is capable of not putting her desires ahead of what is necessary in life. Nora is proud of what she has done and shows no remorse whatsoever for going against the law and obtaining a loan In her father’s name until Mr.. Sarasota come to talk to her husband. Then her whole demeanor seems to change from almost boastful to slightly timid and a little pleading when she interacts with him.

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She notices that Mrs.. Lend appears o be attracted to and have a vested interest in Sarasota. Had Nora not made the revelation of what she had done then when Sarasota came In the tension would not have been as obvious. Her revealing to Mrs.. Linden that her life was not as It seemed and she fraudulently obtained a loan that her husband was unaware of because she out right lied to his face about where she obtained the money shows that some women even in those times were not actually afraid of their husband and knew how to spin things to benefit themselves.

Nora was only afraid of Mr.. Sarasota because e possessed knowledge that could be damaging to her relationship with her husband. After Norm’s revelation showed her depth because it allowed the reader to see that she was more than she appeared in the beginning of the play. The way Nora held onto her secret until she felt that no one respected her and treated her as an adult and everyone believed that she was silly and carefree.

The speech makes the play seem like it is meant to show that people are not only skin deep and just because someone is portrayed one way doesn’t meant that there is not more to them Han appears Norm’s speech acted as a bridge for the character of Sarasota to exist because without her speech no one would have known about the loan and therefore tender wool a De no way to Introduce ten contractor AT Sarasota, so Tanat en could D mail Nora into assisting him with keeping his Job and ultimately change his mind after realizing how important Mrs..

Linden really is to him. Without his threat of blackmail Nora would probably have Just kept her mouth shut continued to make her payments and her husband would never have been aware of her misdoings. The wreath of black mail is what opened Norm’s eyes as to the type of man she was married to and that she was unhappy and almost methodically going through the motions of being his wife and a mother to his children.

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