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This paper will explore some stereotypes in popular culture and what impact they may have on people. Another way people are stereotyped similar to nationality, is by their ethnicity. This kind of stereotyping is demonstrated by Baritones in her novel “Se Habit Espanola”. Besides being stereotyped by other people because of her Latino background, being kept away from her ethnic identity, made her struggle and stereotype herself because of Latino roots. Baritones states, “To me, speaking Spanish translated Into be poor. It meant walling tables and cleaning hotel rooms”.

She always was happy when her surrounding told her, that she did not seem Hispanic. The author states that comments, such as “It made me feel American. It made me feel white”, and others. That sad story of Tanya Baritones life shows how significantly stereotypes can cause an individual to doubt its own identity and challenge themselves. The media is the most common and influential way to widespread stereotypes. Recent Disney’s movie The Lone Ranger brought a huge controversy between Native American community and filmmakers.

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The new image of Ton, the way he looks, the way he acts, his broken English, ominous music and many other things became very offensive too lot of people. That stereotypical portrayal of Indians in The Lone Ranger has become a source of anger and disappointment to many Native American people, who treated Ton as their own hero, as something Important for them. Disney decision to release The Lone Ranger In the way It was released Is a perfect example of how powerful entitles Ignore the concerns and the wishes of a minority, thou caring of their harmed feelings.

The media should use its own power in a different way. Mass media should emphasize the importance of paying more attention to the rights and feelings of our minor communities. Stereotypes are something that is based on the reality. However most of them are exaggerated too much, all of them describe real things. Stereotypes are being created very easily. But they also become a powerful weapon, which affects many people in different ways. It is very easy to consider some stereotypes as new Ton image in The Lone Ranger to funny and humorous part of a Disney’s comedy movie.

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