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Disney has grown and is one of the largest companies in the world. It says a lot about a company when people from different countries know about Disney and come visit Disney, either Disneyland or Disney World, as a vital part of their children’s youth. Disney has now looked into expanding their market. As stated in the article “Disney looking into Cradle for Customers” by Brooks Barnes, The Disney Company has dominated most youth groups except for one; infants. The plan is to now target these new-born babies by making clothes and toys that are attractive to the younger rood.

What the company plans to do, is get all new-born familiarized with all the Disney apparel, therefore, making them aware of Disney. The article starts by going over what Disney is doing in order to market their item. In this case, Disney went around quietly and offered free Enemies, which Disney calls “Disney Cuddly Bodysuits”. The response that Disney got from the trial was exactly what they were looking for. Mothers everywhere were saying how amazing it was and using words like, “extra soft! Durable! And better sizing! “. Disney then told the ewe parents to sign up for e-mail alerts on Disneyland. Mom. The Walt Disney Company plans to give away 200,000 bodysuits by May. It is at this time, that Amazon. Com will take over and begin selling over 80 styles for a price of $9. 99 for 2. Target and Nordstrom will then follow and sell more baby items which can include enemies and hats for the infants. Barnes quoted the chief executive of Disney in his article by saying, “If ever there was an opportunity for a trusted brand to enter a market and provide a better product and experience, it’s this,” said Robert A. Gear, chief executive of Disney. “I’m extremely excited about it. Disney is a huge example of what to do in order to market a product properly. They have executed all of the steps of marketing in their vision of a total domination of all age groups that are influenced by the Disney Company. According to the “4 AS” of Marketing (Product, Promotion, Price, Place), The Walt Disney Company has it down. Their product is perfect; design something that will have a dramatic effect on what people purchase. They know exactly who they are targeting because they have regarded all other age groups and now are targeting the only age group that is left.

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This isn’t Just a good idea because people will buy the clothing for their toddlers or new-born, this is a good idea because it will get the babies acquainted with all that Disney has to offer and will influence them into remaining with Disney products for years to come. Disney’s promotion is one of the best that a company can do. The marketing department knows exactly what to do in order to get a product out and how to have hopping on the potential customers by going to the source, the hospitals where those ho were going to be using the product were at.

What Disney did in order to give out these 200,000 bodysuits was gain access to the hospitals and go around the maternity wing and literally hand out free samples. How could Disney Just walk around and hand out samples? Disney researched a company called “Our”, which is a company that sells baby bedside pictures. Our pays hospitals for exclusive access to go door to door and sell their product. Disney recognized this and offered money to Our in return, having them promote their product. Our also does promotions for Fisher-Price and Procter & Gamble, so their reputation is well known.

This is a great way for Disney to promote their products because their name is constantly being brought up and advertised. Price is the third P of the 4 and is most important. Who will buy a product that is too expensive? The price that Disney uses originally for the new product they are trying to market and sell is free. Disney spent a great amount of money in the way they marketed their new product of cuddly bodysuits by giving 200,000 out for free. When the product is finally out for retail sale and for people to actually purchase, the starting rate will be $9. 9 for 2. This is a terrific price for Disney to charge. Anything too expensive wouldn’t be smart if one was to think about it. A new mother is going to be spending a lot of money already on the new born, she will be looking for something that is cheap with a good name. Disney’s bodysuits for infants is a perfect fit for what a mother is looking for; cheap and a well-known name. ‘Place’ falls last out of the four and is Just as important as price. Disney is very mart in where they sell their product. They choose to start their product online with Amazon. Mom. The reason Amazon is a great place to start, is for the convenience and the way that society is going. Amazon is an online store that sells Just about everything. It is also the largest online retail store in the world, superseding Staples Inc. By nearly 3 times the internet sales revenue. This is huge for Disney because they decided to go with the largest internet retail store. Now with eBay and Amazon, shopping online is become more accustomed to our lives and will take over how we s humans shop for products.

The second place that Disney plans on selling their product is Target and Nordstrom. This is also a great idea because of the way that these department stores are taking off. Department stores such as Target and Walter are also dominating the retail market by having the convenience of Just about everything in one store. More and more people are looking to Target and Walter because of their low prices, especially in this economy. In terms of marketing, Disney is doing perfect. They are the ideal example of how to market an item properly and how to follow up with it.

Since the focus of all marketing is the customer, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that Disney knows what they’re doing when they need to promote a new product or idea they have. Disney has planned what they were going to do, executed it, and now must wait and see the control and how customers will respond to the new idea. Personally, I believe that the Walt Disney Company is genius in what they’re promoting and how they’re going about doing so. I think that this company is going even further than they have previously and will continue to dominate the youth of the world.

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