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How is it different from onset of TV channels? How is it different from FM coming onto the scene of AM? Are cinema halls dead? Is AD extinct? Why does it have to be a CHOICE?! 16 The digital space Considers both, the technology and how the consumer interaction happens with it. Not Just the internet, it is… Fixed web Mobile web SMS IVR Technology that enables consumers to interact with the Brand 17 Interactions in the Online space are non-linear

Social / Reviewers / Online PR / Online Retail Trigger (Advertising, Interest, Exploration) Search Site Visit 18 The 4 New Marketing Orders 1 . It is a new world defined by technology and consumer control Consumers today have a complex relationship with media: it poses challenges as to how and where to engage with them. Consumers trust consumers more than they trust brands. The consumer is now a creator/sharer/distributor; learn to harness and inspire that. 19 2. Adaptive marketing is the new model Digital is as mainstream as print in many categories E. Telecoms, Travel, Banking, Automobiles Real time response It’s not ‘push and forget’ anymore but ‘pull and retain’ Real Time Change is here – Intelligence and analytics 20 3. Consumers hate most advertising Only 5% agree with advertising claims 50% say brands don’t live up to advertising promises 67% complain there is too much advertising 21 4. Media needs to combine paid, owned and earned Paid: for scale and reach and speed Owned: for content, relationships, listening and co-creation Earned: social, WHOM,

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PR, floggers, influencer: paid can’t do everything; you need a social and conversation strategy, not simply a presence on Backbone How marketers should adapt Successful marketers will move well beyond campaigns One Single Integrated Idea for Offline and Online Build campaigns PLUS platforms: since consumers today co-create with brand Stop thinking in terms of audience and anymore: marketers need to find ways to integrate; learn co-creation and become curators Because this is the future… 24 Thank you! 25

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