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In order to survive running a business, it is crucial for DIG to know their market segmentation, targeting and positioning so that DIG can target their customer accurately and efficiently. After segmentation, targeting and positioning, management will then uses the most appropriate strategies to achieve the company’s goal even faster. SEGMENTATION At this stage, DIG will have to differentiate their customer into different segments based on their common need or their response to marketing action taken by DIG. Each of these response will them decide which strategy mix will be used by the company.

There are a few ways to differentiate market segments, Like demographic, cryptographic, behavioral and geographical location. For DIG, is best to use either cryptographic and geographical location segmentation. In cryptographic segmentation, customers will then based on the social lifestyle like their dally lifestyle, social class and individual attitudes. DIG in this section can differentiate customer will then based on their behavior like prior purchases and brand preference. In this section, DIG may provide phone packages along with well-known brand hand phone like Samsung, Apple and Sony. TARGETING

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After segmenting customer into different groups, DIG now will have to choose their targets. There is no strategy suits all kinds of segments, so in order to be effective and efficient, development of the correct strategies is very crucial. There are three general strategies for target marketing and they are undifferentiated targeting, concentrated targeting and multi-segment targeting. In this situation, the appropriate targeting for DIG to be used is multi-segment targeting. In this target is being used because DIG has to focus more than two segments and for each of the segments, different strategies must be applied.

In this targeting, there are many benefits, but it also quite costly, as it needs more efforts from management, market research and also new promotional strategies to attract more customers. POSITIONING In this stage, positioning is where DIG will have to develop a product and provide brand image into the minds of the customers. It also involves advancing customer’s perception to know what does customers experience. DIG always reminds their customers that choosing DIG is the smartest choice. DIG is also well known for yellow man and the logo sign is yellow.

To show the unique of DIG, even the store is minted yellow and it really strikes out the customers view. An effective positioning includes a deep understanding of the competitors’ products as well. DIG should differentiate their advantages to excel among the competitors. DIFFERENTIAL ADVANTAGES,WEAKNESSES (SOOT ANALYSIS) SOOT analysis is where helps DIG to understand their strengths and weaknesses, find business opportunities and prevent those upcoming threats. A successful SOOT analysis helps DIG to seek opportunities and then accomplish them, knowing company’s weakness and then manage them nicely can avoid any up coming threats.

SOOT analysis for DIG is as below: STRENGTHS DIG always remind their customers that choosing DIG is always the smartest choice. DIG always provide smart plans based on customer affordability. Whenever a new electronic device launched into the market, Just to catch up with the digital era, new long then DIG introduce LET package to customers. DIG also has its own customer loyalty. As nowadays, teenagers or even fresh graduate will choose DIG for its reasonable and affordable rate along with DIG rarely network failure happens compare to other network communications company.

WEAKNESS DIG telecommunication actually doesn’t have its own satellite yet they still need to Ely MAXIS for renting satellite. It would be more appropriate that DIG can afford a satellite on its own. Their customer service should be enhance as networking tool its important nowadays, it will cost losses for the businessman who all of the sudden lost contact from the vendor or customers. This will unfortunately causes law cases to the company as the customer will then sue DIG for network failure causes him all his losses.

The customer service staff needs lots of training as well as their have to face many anger customers that have problems with their phone network. It will always e good that DIG coverage covers more rural areas because they’re its still places where DIG coverage will not able to covered. OPPORTUNITIES In the network company, due to the enhancing of electronic gadgets, more and more opportunities will automatically come towards DIG. Once a hand phone gadget like Apple or Samsung launched a new series of smartness, DIG will promote along phone packages with the purchase of the hand phone.

It wills attracts lots of people who have not owned a hand phone as it includes everything. DIG telecommunications also provides usage until overseas and they also provide some seasonable overseas rate. Other hand phone supplies will also come to them for cooperation to promote their new series of electronic devices along with providing DIG telecommunications business opportunities’. On the other hand, DIG also provides broadband as well and it provides conveniences for businessman to uses DIG broadband anywhere for their electronic portable computer or even provide Internet line using phone coverage to provide 36 for electronic tablets.

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