Defining Marketing Paper Assignment

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In 2008 Mama’s definition of marketing was: “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large. ” The author’s deflation of marketing after reading the learning material Is that racketing Is an ongoing communication exchange not only with costumers or buyers of products and services, but also look for receptors that need to buy specific ideas.

Marketing includes diverse activities for businesses that help them to Identify customers for their products and services. Marketing targets potential client??les with advertising by creating in a way a new need for their products or services and generating all kind of Innovations that potential consumers cannot resist the desire to obtain them. In today’s market, companies that want to be successful are facing many complex challenges. These obstacles often affect their rate of permanence and their profits.

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Companies internationally recognized and that had set high standards struggle daily to maintain their status quo in the marketplace, and their survival depends on their Marketing strategies. Marketing is a vital component to the prosperity of all businesses regardless their size, and if it is for profit or nonprofit. Expensive, and extensive marketing tactics are used to get new clients, brand products, and even In obtaining sponsorship In fundraising events, or simply by trying to influence behaviors as was observed in the last American presidential aiming.

According with Mate Gold, in the past election an “acceleration spending by outside groups in the final weeks of the 2012 campaign will drive total spending on federal elections this cycle to a record $6 billion, according to a new analysis by the nonpartisan research group Center For Responsive Politics. That tops the record set In 2008 by $700 million, making this campaign the most expensive In U. S and therefore multiply their sales and profits.

Regardless if the organization goal is for-profit or nonprofit, the main objective is to provide quality products and services for their customers. The primary goal off business is to be sustainable. Therefore, the organizational success of a business depends on their customers’ willingness to purchase or use the services and products that they can provide. This is why some companies are creating new strategies to get clients from their competitors. Recently, Amazon have increased it success in the – world with the innovation of products and services. Amazon, which already offers digital movies/TV shows for rent and purchase on an individual-transaction basis, has launched a new streaming service making 5000 titles available at no additional cost to members of Amazon Prime, its membership program through which customers pay $79 annually for unlimited free shipping” (Skuzzy 2011. Amazon management have been successful anticipating the cyber-consumers trend by positioning themselves in a strong position for shoppers. They have learned from Blockbuster failure and they are getting clients from Nettling because they are more accessible and affordable.

Amazon is providing an excellent customer service with their products making their service easier for customers by offering many services on one website. “Having conquered the desktops, music libraries and phones of millions, Apple reportedly wants to adorn one more spot in he life of the gadget-obsessed their wrists. The company is developing a smart watch that would run on the same ISO operating system that powers phones, pads and some ‘Pods, according to a report in The New York Times.

Last year, Corning, which makes the Gorilla Glass used for pads and phones, unveiled a more sensitive version of their product that could make it easier to produce a watch with curves. Over the years, Apple has reportedly poked around into products ranging from cars to cameras without any commercially available product ever coming from it. Pebble, a attach that uses Bluetooth technology to link up with the user’s Smartened, racked up a record $10. 2 million last year” (Doug Gross, CNN. Com, 2013). E-businesses allow companies and individuals with diverse business opportunities.

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