Crispy Crunch Integrated Marketing Communications Assignment

Crispy Crunch Integrated Marketing Communications  Assignment Words: 387

Creative Plan Key Benefit Statement Time changes everything – except your Crispy Crunch bar Tone and Style ; Upbeat, positive and humorous approach ; Lifestyle positioning Central Theme (USPS) Convenience distribution, using a profile of the target market’s lifestyle. Appeal Technique Simple and clear, no hidden messages, nothing abstract. Creative Execution Four television advertisements One to target men, one women, one for the upper tier of he target market, and one for the lower tier.

Four print advertisements Same target market customization concept as above Placement in designated magazines and newspapers Out of home is included (billboards and transit locations) Sample Print Advertisement Media Plan Who: 15-24 year olds. Our target group covers 13. 3% of Canada What: The message is image intensive Where: Priority for advertisement is given to major cities ; Pulse and seasonal flights ; Reach, frequency, and continuity ; Selection and rejection Media Execution Sales Promotion Plan

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To create brand loyalty To encourage repeat and multiple purchases To promote sales and increase market share To position Crispy Crunch as an increasingly visible brand within the market To gain trust and familiarity from the target market through contests and free samples Sales Promotion Execution Tactics Broadcast – Television, Radio Print – Newspapers In Store – Posters, Flyers Web – Interactive, Mailing List Budget Hotel/Air/Accommodation: $4000 per person (4 winners) Spending Money: $1500. 00 each contestant other costs: $68,000

Total allocated funds: $90,000 Events and Sponsorship Plan ; To promote positive relationships between our brand and our customers ; To raise awareness of the product ; To offer our customers a positive experience at the event ; To create awareness of our product through giveaways and samples Tactics ; Site selection ; Operations Budget Summary Total Budget Total Utilized Total Surplus – $650,000 – $517,000 – $133,000 Calendar of Events Deck 31, 2006 Event – New Years Gala (Liberty Grand) Jan 15- Mar 15 Australia Contest Feb. 21

Announcement of 2006 preliminary results Mar 16 10 day trip to Australia Par 1 Launch of new product/packaging (smaller portions) 0 Par 14 Easter parties May 18 2007 Annual General Meeting June 24 New proposal of TV commercial rotation July 5 Sponsorship – Rolling Stones concert Gauge 13 Walk for a cure fundraiser O septet 1 New advertisements in rotation for back to school cot 31 Halloween promotions running seasonally Deck 25 Christmas promotions running seasonally * Between all events are scheduled advertising flights discussed in media plan. Any Questions?

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