Consumer Driven Marketing Strategy Assignment

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It is obvious that children are a main target audience of McDonald’s, particularly through the measures that McDonald’s’ takes to appeal to them. In 1974, McDonald’s launched n initiative which would serve to entice children all around the world for years to come – the ‘Happy Meal’ (Love and Sane 2009). Products such as this, which Includes toys, the playground, and the Introduction of hosting children’s McDonald’s’ parties’ greatly contributed to the image of McDonald’s as being for children.

Furthermore, McDonald’s not only entices children, but the whole family, with its emphasis on low price, convenience and family fun in ad campaigns in recent years (Greece & Michigan, 1995). Differentiation of market Is a strategy which McDonald’s prides Itself In achieving to a wrought its continued innovation, and has set itself up as the epitomical fast food outlet (KETTLE 2009). McDonald’s differentiated itself from the beginning, by creating a fun family environment through the introduction of mascots such as Ronald McDonald, and also a playground at each store for the kids (Love and Sane 2009).

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Through its advertising it pushed this concept by creating an aura about the brand – if children were to eat out, the only logical option was to be McDonald’s (Sutherland & Sylvester, 2000). Positioning is a vital strategy within the marketing scheme, and one which McDonald’s sakes very seriously (KETTLE 2009). It is all about setting up an image the resonates with consumers; that through purchasing the product of the company the consumer believes that in some way or another they are achieving a positive outcome.

The main initiative which is endorsed by McDonald’s to this end is the charity called ‘The Ronald McDonald House’ which uses funds from donations which McDonald’s collects to support the local communities of each branch (pithiest. Typed. Com 2008). Associations with positive deeds such as this assist McDonald’s in creating positive receptions in consumers’ minds, which in turn renders them to have more positive feelings towards McDonald’s, and so enables them to be more willing to spend.

Management Orientation McDonald’s attempts to market its product in such a way that it appeals to everyone. Its campaigns preach fun, value, and diversity, and in this way it draws everyone in. McDonald’s adopts the perfect attitude of management orientation, which is the customer is king, which is communicated through the marketing concept (Rich Totem 2008). McDonald’s promotes itself through its treatment of its customers – promising hem the best quality, value and diversity of products.

McDonald’s was previously known for its propagation of unhealthy foods, but now has introduced various healthier substitutes – an example of the diversity and choice that McDonald’s customers are presented with (Brett Whinier 2005). The catchphrase ‘I’m loving it’, which McDonald’s places on its advertisements and food storage is expressed in many different languages, further promoting a sense of welcome to any and all prospective customers. McDonald’s operates its marketing schemes in such a way that its management orientations are of great effect and entice customers of all kinds o be regular guests of the golden arches.

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