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You can access your e -malls ; People can even hide some things in images if they can certainly not be accessed. While we may delete files from our computer system, it does not leave your system immediately. Yes, it was removed but it is still floating around on your hard drive , making it easy for someone to easily recover the deleted file . This will include some different amount of information about how we can access hidden information , delete, copy information and hide some things in many ways .

There will be discussions , explanations, tips, definitions and analytical critical information we need o know ; also accompanied by numerous screen shots of the work . Programs like Winner , Predisposes basic and Silently also play a monumental role in the report. Regarding the report , it will be in charge of anti- forensic techniques such as data hiding , wiping secure , encryption, file deletion, stenography and much more . After everything is done , then it will need a picture of the USB , so it can be further improved and used for activities and future tasks.

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Researched Explanations There are different types of anti – Forensic experts and the following definitions scribed below , research areas , etc. , used to work even students : * Data Hiding It may be referred to as data encapsulation or information hiding . POP ( Object Oriented Programming ) plays an important role in the use of data hiding . With this technique , it has the ability to hide the internal objects . It is important that users have the ability to access information on the go . Users may not want to lose valuable data , no useful information in the space and try to hit that particular area .

Encapsulation of data while hiding the information hidden in the sole of the class information , and private methods , class data element hides. (Technophobia. Com, 2004) * Encryption This kind of opposition – forensic generally known in today’s modern society . It’s very useful to have different meanings and definitions . Using encryption from the aspect of anti – Coroner area can experience the only people who , again, you can read that trying to change things in a certain way . From the beginning , the user can encrypt a certain kind of Text , change around their usual settings and put into effect – hard for anyone else to return to normal .

This kind of opposition – some other people can see it, some people do not want to firmly pieces of information that will have the ability to defend , because effective forensic techniques . It’s like email , finance , web browsing history , the business purpose can be used in many fields Safe Cleaning Safe Disk Cleanup to remove the same or with different terms . With this particular type of anti – forensic techniques , immediately focuses on removing specific files from the computer system ; No turning back . This technique has been deleted and are trying to recover the files that are used to recover the pieces of information .

If someone deletes a file, typical , for the most part , everyone go to the Recycle Bin to recover from it knows , but if you look in the Recycle Bin , the files can still be recovered . The files are still on your computer ‘s hard drive , and still , it will not be able to do exactly that. Application of Anti-Forensic Techniques Objects , images and texts we want to hide , without any application of anti- forensic techniques , we have access to it for the user to ensure that they are effective and should be strict . In most cases , some files can not be hidden , but better yet , eliminate or hide things there are many other possible ways .

We want to hide a message from someone , for example , if , instead of hiding in a file , we can hide it in a picture ; Not many people know how to find a hidden message inside an image . The next picture of this tool , the program will describe how and why it is possible with the following information : Deleting Files (Student ID & Movie Name) After we are saved , we were told to open it with Winner . Most people tend to use when discussing the issue of computer forensics (Predisposes Basic as well ) is a very popular program . Mixed numbers and words that users can see it in the form of a hex editor.

It also helps with low-level data processing , and IT security . It is the operation of the system . After the introductory use of Winner, we had to then add our favorite movie title to the text file that we had saved our ID number on. After doing that, we had to open up Winner again and see what type of information it had stored for us. The end product is a text file that we were both in our student ID and the name of the movie when it looked like. Because we add it to the same file, Winner automatically picked up some new information is added to the text.

After all steps are completed, we successfully holding our ID number and the name of your favorite I’m going to use two images for each technique with the encryption and stenography, I will add both issues together. It will entail my car and my backpack. It’s my car, the 2005 Honda Accord Euros a picture. Everything is in its normal state and this picture has not been altered at all. The following steps will show how it works, and correctness encryption and stenography. Consultation with encryption , we want to add text in an encoded message .

Therefore , the inside of my bird , but the picture inside , hide some valuable information. We are capable of both encryption and compression of data encryption available in this scenario, the check box . Is SILENTLY passers for every single screens . We type in a message that we want to hide our white spaced areas . We Hi “to hide inside the picture, some text input systems. , It’s a picture of my Bird. These” are taken to the park. ‘Key’ or like a password entailing – as we see below, here is a section in red. It is wrong or not enough characters to do it, indicating that it is highlighted in red.

This screens shows the key/password length is okay and ready to encrypt but if we were to encrypt the message now, only half of the message will appear. The missing information will come up in mixed character form combined of words and numbers. We can see now that the key/password is correct – highlighting the area in green. With this in play, we can now encrypt the message and everything should be working fine. The text should be successfully hidden in the picture. This was the picture before we had encryption in play.

Pay close attention to this picture as the next picture will be encrypted and have the hidden text in it. We can see that this picture is not as clear as the screens picture above. As mentioned earlier, this is the picture that has been encrypted. To ENCODE the hidden message we need the following to do so; the passers will already be there so that has no problem but we will be required to enter the key/ password to view what message is hidden. Once we type in our key/password which is bird, we will be able to see the hidden text inside the picture. Reinserts as we will not be working with encryption, but will be working with Stenography. With Stenography, no key/password is required so we can hide the picture anywhere on the system without having a special key to open it. Just like how we used the following processes to encrypt the message in the bird, in this instance we can unchecked the enable encryption and simply select encode. When we want to decode the message, again we follow the same steps to decode a message in the instances we did with the bird but no key is required so we can simply locate to the picture with ease.

Deleting Files (Picture) The next few correctness are going to be similar to the first previous shots on how to recover deleted files, but in this case we are going to be using a picture of my bird. Behind the “Save As’ dialog box we can see the picture so we are now going to save it and take up the next following steps. If we can see the picture is now ready to be deleted and removed from the list. But the whole file won’t be totally removed, it will still be stored on the hard disk, Just will not be made visible in the folder.

With the use of Winner, we have opened up the picture and can see the hexadecimal harassers that make up the picture. If we can see the blue highlighted line which is the picture file name being contained on the USB drive. We created a disk image of the USB. The step to recovering a particular file that has been deleted is pretty straight forward. Once you learn to get the hang of how it is done, it is usually a breeze when you attempt to do it over again. This screens shows that we have right-clicked on click it and see what happens next.

Once we’ve selected the “Recover/CopY’ option, it prompts us to select a target folder as to where we want to save the picture. We may also create a new folder in the dialog box if necessary. Once we have selected a targeted destination for the picture to store in, a confirmation dialog box will appear saying if it was successful or not – also bringing up if any errors occurred. We have selected the targeted destination for the picture to be stored in and if we look closely to the last picture, we can see that is the picture that we deleted previously. It has been successfully recovered and restored back onto the computer system’s hard disk.

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