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However, In today’s world where health and environmental issues are more of a concern, especially In beverage consumption, the consumer Is turning away from high concentrated drinks of syrup like the ones offered by Coca- Cola . Concerned individuals are switching preferences towards a health orientated products. The intended outcome of this social media marketing plan is to use various types of social media tools to help start the recognition process and customer association to the variety of healthier products Coca-Cola offers, such as Coca-Cola Life.

After considering Coca-Cola’s goals some strategies have been determined using social media tools and sites that will help achieve these goals. A range of social help achieve the goals. The strategies used will be a direct engagement through social media channels in order to achieve rich content feedback, and also to obtain direct contact to consumers. Through constant measurement, monitoring, and an evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the social media tools that are used allows for maximum results.

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A budget is set in order to measure that the cost of implementing the use of the social media strategies does not exceed the derived benefits. An analysis is conducted to report whether the return on investments are beneficial. Team leaders are responsible for preparing, executing, and evaluating the proposed plan. This marketing plan is to aid and coincide in the firms recent efforts in creating a healthier brand image. This year The Coca-Cola Co. Launched their campaign to fight obesity. Coca-Cola’s website is very interactive and user friendly to use.

The firm has a special tab dedicated to this campaign where they provide healthy lifestyle tips and nutritional information on their soft drinks. This marketing Lana is to help broaden the range of Coca-Cola’s fight in obesity campaign to extend to the use in social media sites. BRIEF OVERVIEW The Coca-Cola Co. Has been in business for 127 years offering more than 3,500 different products in over 200 countries. Having a large variety of products available for consumers helps the firm attain “59%” of the beverage industry market (McKay, 2009).

The firm is constantly promoting their variety of drinks such as, Minute Maid, Thumps Up, Barb’s, Dollar, Smoothies, Barb, and Fuzz Beverages to a global market (Wisped). The firm shows no signs of slowing down to appeal to their customers vapidly changing taste buds. The firm is estimated to have a constant and positive growth in the future. The worldwide movement in making healthier lifestyle choices is a large motivation for the firm to make this style of products and beverages available to its consumers.

Appealing to health conscious individuals will increase product consumption and capture a larger part of the market share, as discussed in greater detail later in the report. The firm uses social media to help “influence the amount loyal customers are willing to spend by making an emotional connection with their products and customers” (Entrepreneur). The biggest advantage for the firm is that the Coca-Cola’s Backbone page was originally created by the average consumer as opposed to the company itself (Barker 181).

This means that Coca-Cola’s customers were initially demanding for the firm to have a presence on social media sites. Table 1, provided below, shows the top social media platforms displaying the popularity of Coca-Cola within each site. Table 1 Metric Reach Google Items 232 Twitter Followers 134,552 In Followers 371,968 Youth Views Flicker Photos 24,947 Instating Followers 75,122 Source: Coca-Cola on Social Table 1 demonstrates how strong social media presence is among consumers, especially Backbone and Youth.

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