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Chinese Cinema Assignment Words: 1971

Topic: Hong Kong cinema has been characterized by a strong transnational and global nature. Chinese identity and its relationship with Hollywood. Introduction: In the sass of Hong Kong, its movies, styles, stars and filmmakers were exportable to Western market. In the essay I will focus on how Hong Kong cinema become “transnational” and “borderless” in recent years, and relying on Hong Kong actors analyses it’s the relationship with Hollywood. Thus Hong Kong cinema in general is a crucial industry for revealing the mechanisms of contemporary transnational production and global circulation of commodities.

In this point, Hong Kong cinema becoming more national and transnational. Throughout history of Hong Kong movie theaters were rarely dominated by Hollywood features and Hong King Cinema has put up a keen competition with big Hollywood features in Asian market. Hong Kong cinema is a location in which filmmakers from many places, and In multiple forms and languages, diverse ways to produce film with fast speed of producing with solid value, therefore the Hollywood money men relies on Hong Kong cinema market , and have been inviting Hong Gong’s finest and fastest to come across to make movies in

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America. Hong Kong cinema also accepts all kinds of filming technique, and proceeds to the next level into the Hollywood market. Hong Kong cinema has a complex relationship with Hollywood with trades stars, styles and narratives in recent years . Hong Kong cinema has a strong transnational, across Asia, from Thailand to Japan far to U. S, the speed of global economic changed, and the grows in Hong Kong cinema market. Before we talk about the transnational of Hong Kong cinema and the relationship between Hollywood, we must begin with the peculiar situation of Hong Kong itself.

From 1841 to 1997, this country always has been hybrid both in culture and politics. Hong Kong this country because it has been through lots of innovation, like Hong Kong was takeover by British, and was belonged to China before, so Hong Kong culture develops and builds upon cultural legacies of both the British Empire and the Chinese Empire. Therefore the Hong Kong cinema constrained get influenced by china and western culture, relate the contents is very diversification. The confluence of British and Chinese cultures made Hong Kong cinema become global.

Hong Kong enema with uncertainty hanging over the creative freedoms available to Hong Kong movie makers after the island assumed Chinese rule, the top actors and directors looked to America as an escape route. And there are two very different and often contradictory identification circulates in Hong Kong, to define the uniqueness of Hong Gong’s culture and identity. On the one hand, many politicians insist that Cantonese Hong Kong has little to do with “official” Mandarin mainland culture because the earlier colony local culture cannot be fully translated.

But On the other hand we can ay Tanat Hong Songs colonial legacy makes It an International clay Ana transnational, that keeps it culturally distinct. So ironically Hong Kong is regarded both as too “local” and too “global”. In Hong Kong action cinema, as in many societies today, transnational historical issues are often raised in the form of an emotional discourse in the movie. Following the introduction of significant black,white and Chinese characters to the landscape of the Western genre.

The Hong Kong film industry, however, was not able to sustain its success in the ass, production has declined significantly from the heyday of the ass and early ass, but even with this decline, the Hong Kong movie continued to account for more than half of local theatrical revenues. Since that the industry continues to provide new release, used old themes as well as developing new movies. The outstanding improvement of Hong Kong cinema was took notice of Hollywood.

Where Hollywood-based accounts begin with the “disaster movie” ,and the inventive marketing of Jaws (1975), an East Asian-based study could begin with these-productions, location shoots, talent exchanges and there fly-by-night collaborations proliferating in the region by the sass. From a Hong Kong base, the regional adventures of Shaw Brothers would be central. Another point is, art is rarely talked about in Hong Kong, if you compare the average Hong Kong product’s sense of style, you will see that the gap between art cinema and popular.

And it is interesting to note that Hong Kong is the only Asian national cinema to be discovered in the West through popular genre Bruce Lee. Hong Kong may seem like an extremely good match to Hollywood, because Hollywood is also first ND foremost a popular entertainment market, as is Hong Kong cinema. No matter how much US films incorporate from Hong Kong style and talent, there will always remain certain aspects of Hong Kong cinema, many of the aspects which are grounded in cultural difference.

Hong Kong cinema alone is not able to challenge Hollywood hegemonic position. But with more transnational cinemas available, we can see the improvement of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong film industry came of age during the ‘ass and ‘ass, with a typical export being heavy on martial arts action and light on production value, major relied exporter of motion pictures of all genres . But Hong Kong this characteristic distinguishes itself with strong brand image.

For now on we can see the action flicks have been the most successful of these films for export from Hong Kong to the United States, and Hong Kong films have probably been more influential of Hollywood than any other international cinema. The Hong Kong cinema culture stays alive. In fact, it’s this reputation for innovation that has always made Hong Kong cinema so distinctive and transnational. The second part I am going to talk about the successful actors from Hong Kong whose et into Hollywood, and the western element in the film by using Hollywood techniques.

There are lots of famous Hong Kong actors succeeded their career in Hollywood in the sass the years before and after Hong Kong return to China in 1997, Jackie Chain succeeded in crossing over to Hollywood movies, and was quickly followed by such other Hong Kong names as Jet L’, Chow Yuan-Fat, Michelle Yeah and director John Woo. But I will focus on Jackie Chain and the elements in Steven Chow Gung If Hustle movie. Can NAS Eden ten most popular star In Ease t Salsa since ten late sass, and his movies anchored the Hong Kong industry for years.

He tried to break into Hollywood twice in the early sass, but failed both times, in part because producers forced him into the mold of the American action hero Jackie Chain is a most well-known actor and the highest paid Asian actor in the world. Jackie Chain the efforts let the people more know about Hong Kong this place, and helps his homeland more famous and popular. The recognizable Jackie Chain style, once culturally marked as the Hong Kong style, has now become a transnational style. Jackie Chain succeeded his career in 2004, and got into the U. S market.

He co-operate tit John Woo the Hong Kong director and produced lots of great action movies. Jackie Chem. performances always have some funny deeds in the film. Like Jackie Chain always mix up the culture difference between western and Asian these two countries, and this idea gradually become Jackie Chain his typical Jokes. Jackie Chain his original blend of gung If and comedy, supplemented by a surprising talent for dramatic acting, resulted in Hong Kong classics such as “Project A”, “Armor Of God”, the “Police Story” series, and most of all, the all-time classics “Drunken Master” and “Drunken Master II”.

Examines Jackie Chain’s films within the marital arts film genre in Hong Kong to analyses Chain’s transformations from earlier movies like Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow, Drunken Master, Project A to later works such as Drunken Master II, Rumble in the Bronx, Mr.. Nice Guy, Who am I and Rush Hour. Looking critically at the changes in Jackie Chain’s films, demonstrates how the “local” in Hong Kong film production has been permeated by a framework of the “transnational”.

The Rush Hour series starring Jackie Chem. and Chris Tucker and directed by Hollywood director, and has been released 4 series, each of the series always bring up some funny and unforgettable frame by Jackie Chain performance. The director Brett Ratter is a big fan of Jackie Chain’s Hong Kong movies, felt that American audiences would not be familiar with the Jokes in Jackass’s other movies. The western audiences like Jackie Chain humor and Jokes and be worthy to pay the money to watch the film that he performance. We can say Jackie Chain is the biggest names in Hong Kong cinema.

His family backgrounds in Chinese opera were what brought him into the film industry. This was a traditional route for many early stars. That said, throughout Hong Kong ND Asia Jackie Chain does now have a successful career in the music industry too. And he is the star in Hong Kong, the USA, the I-J, well, anywhere really. And there are one of Steven Chows film are really famous in Hollywood as well, it is Gung If Hustle. Stephen Chow he is a best known for fusing comedy with violence in crazy mad films such as Gung If Hustle.

Stephen Chow’s comedy Gung If Hustle detaches gung If from many of its associations with main land politics in an attempt to appeal to a more progressive, multicultural generation than the old traditional martial arts film such as Bruce Lee movies. Gung If Hustle was filmed in a Shanghai slum known as Pig Sty Alley, sets the stage for the spectacular action that ensues throughout the course of the film. In this film Western-inspired music plays as the windows of the apartments lining the streets slam one-by-one in expectation of the fight. About half of the soundtrack is traditional music performed by the Hong Kong Chinese instrument.

However, Western-style gunplay is combined throughout the Tell, Ana much AT ten soundtrack contains AT western Telling Instrument playing. Gung If Hustle 2004 release occurred amidst a period of high demand for and reduction of contemporary martial arts cinema on a global scale. It can interpret Gung If Hustle is one of the successful Hong Kong movie in the world of contemporary. Conclusion: In resents years, Hong Kong cinema with its never give up spirit, and brilliant influence and effectiveness, fast speed of producing movies, prove the people in the world how Hong Kong get into Hollywood.

Hong Kong cinemas acquire knowledge and skills from all the countries, and become “Borderless Asian cinema”, and recycle the old files contents creates the new ideas of contemporary solid gung If films. Although now Hong Kong have already had the power of the cinema market, but the contents still have the original characteristic of Hong Kong style, and for the contents in Hong Kong action cinema still maintain Simian’s spirit, attitude and culture, carry forward the Chinese culture and literature, show the whole world know about the beauty of Asian.

Hong Kong Cinema with its transnational and global nature makes a fine page in cinema history. And what make Hong Kong cinema become so transnational and global, the main efficacy was made by Jackie Chain’s efforts, his great performance in Hollywood and Hong Kong, show the whole world people who skies action movie and Hong Kong movies well-known about him, he is defiantly the main factor helps Hong Kong cinema internationalization and media centralization.

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