Charity Advertising Brief – Media Assignment

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Charity advertising brief Dear Deborah, Many thanks for your recent letter concerning the advertising campaign that you wish us to design for you. We understand that the new campaign will be associated with these areas: abuse through prostitution; domestic violence; parental neglect; drug and alcohol misuse and teenage pregnancy. We also understand that these adverts are aimed at the general public and designed to raise donations to the charity and encourage people to offer their services to barnardos and the children.

Finally we know that barnardos was formed in 1867 with the ragged school designed to help forgotten, vulnerable, abused and neglected children in east London and that barnardos aim now is to free all young people from lives of poverty, discrimination and abuse. We have analysed your previous advertising campaigns (including: ‘giving children back their future’; ‘child poverty’ and ‘new life’) and have found that most ??? if not all ??? use shock tactics with powerful and shocking images and iconic and memorable strap lines/slogans.

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They also contain the same or a similar design style; most having a shocking image with an informative or meaningful strap line and slogan. Using the 2003 child poverty campaign as an example ??? we can see a child lying on its back, but we can only see the top half of the child because of the close shot from the camera. We can see it is coated in some kind of slime (meant to represent the blood from birth) and wearing a nappy and an identity tag.

The meaning of these props and costume signify that the baby has been recently born showing the baby is more vulnerable than a grown person, also the high angle shot makes the baby seem even more vulnerable. The lighting is bright and colours are vivid to signify that the baby is in a hospital which is meant to be clean meaning the appearance of the cockroach seemingly ‘climbing’ out of the baby’s mouth signifying the supposed poverty of the child is very shocking indeed; the cockroach is being associated with poverty and filth.

All the other adverts that were part of the campaign all took the same style ??? babies with dangerous items in their mouths with relative and shocking strap lines. In the copy bellow the image we are told a short story about the baby and his/her problem involving poverty. The use of the babies first names (e. g. Greg) makes them seem even more vulnerable and makes it seem like we know them which makes the campaign is even more personal. We will aim our campaign at the general public; more specifically the public that would consider giving money or their services.

Our demographic audience would be mostly group B for donations and groups C1 and below for help and donations. The reason being is that group A will probably not care too much with the welfare of certain charities, however where they earn the most money some may give some of their large disposable income on charities such as barnardos. The lower groups would be more likely to give their services to barnardos especially group E ??? unemployed people such as students and mothers.

The higher groups would be more likely to give money rather than time because they all work they don’t have the time to spend. Our advert will be concerning domestic abuse and will feature a ‘teddy bear’ theme for the string of adverts. Our main idea features the ‘teddy’ in a medium close-up showing its face and upper body; the ‘teddy’ will be littered with tears and rips all around the ‘teddy’ and at least one of its eyes loose or missing entirely.

This ‘teddy’ will represent children that get domestically abused all across the country and will feature the slogan ??? “Real kids don’t stitch back up” and some of our adverts will have the ‘teddy’ being stitched or repaired and will make the slogan even more powerful. We hope to picture the ‘teddy’ in varying household locations such as: gardens/grass, floors/carpet, outside/walls, etc. Finally our adverts will be in a portrait view/format purely to allow our advert to be put into magazines and therefore will be able to be viewed in more places. Yours faithfully (Insert Name here)

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