Century’s Greatest Tragedy Assignment

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The tragedy began at January 30th, 1933 and ended at May 8th, 1945, when the war In Europe ended. Millions of people died during the Holocaust, some were killed by machine guns, gas chambers. Getting burned, while others died due to starvation, abuse and diseases. Doll Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, was a heartless and uncaring man.

He was born on April 20, 1889 in a small Austrian town of Braun near Germany’s border. Hitter’s father Altos Hitler was a short-tempered, strict and brutal father. It is known that Also would always beat Hitler when he was young. Hitter’s mother, Clara Hitler, was the opposite of Also Hitler. She was very caring and loving to her son. Hitler and the Mans were the masterminds of the Holocaust. He hated the Jews. He blamed the Jews for Germany’s defeat In World War 1 . He believed that the German race was better than any other race and that Germans deserve to live Hitler wanted o kill off all the “imperfect” people, who were non-Germanic.

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Some of the victims were the Jews, Gypsies, and people with disabilities, homosexuals and Jehovah Witnesses. On the night of November 9, 1938, gangs of Nazi officers on the streets of Germany and attacked the Jews. Thousands of synagogues, Jewish businesses and homes were destroyed. Many Jews were tortured, sent to concentration camps and many were killed. This event came to be called Sarcastically meaning the Night of Broken Glass because of the broken store window that covered Germany’s streets.

The cause for this violence was the assassination of Ernst Rata, the Secretary of the German Embassy In Paris, by a Jewish boy named Herschel. Sarcastically lasted till November 10, 1938. This was the beginning of the Holocaust. All Jews, Gypsies, and many others were taking to the concentration camps. Men and women were separated. The doctors of Auschwitz, which was the largest extermination camps, separated the strong, who were mostly men, from the weak, who were the women, children, the sick and the elderly. The weak were sent to a gas chamber.

Deadly gases, like Ceylon B poured from the holes in the ceiling, which killed everyone in a matter of minutes. This is what Hitler called the “Final Solution. ” The allies, who were the American, Soviet, British and other armies, drove into Germany defeated and occupied the Mans and took control of the country. They liberated the camps, one by one, from July 1944 onwards. Most of the vellums were already dead and few had survived the Holocaust. Hitler held In his bunker In Berlin and committed suicide with his wife. Hitler and his Nazi troops killed a total of 11

Holocaust. The chances of surviving the war were extremely small. The people that did survive and are witnesses of the Holocaust were left with memories of horror. The stories they told reminded us of how terrible humans can act when they think people who are different from them are not necessary or special I in life. Hiding from the Nazis was always a struggle. The people that hid lived in terror of being found by the Nazis, but they were eventually found.

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