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Boost Juice has been positioned as a healthy and cool brand based on ‘love for life’ philosophy. Within the first several years, Boost Juice has effectively captured consumers’ attentions and enhanced the brand awareness among the mass with Its strategic marketing activities. According to the study done by Independent TONS research in 2011, Boost juice established a brand awareness level of 94% in Australia within Just 5 years since inception and consumers ranked the brand’s ‘cool factor’ among the Likes of Nikkei and Apple.

Besides domestic market, Boost Juice Is actively expanding to the International racetrack In the last few years, covering many countries Like New Zealand, K, China, India and so on. During the brand globalization process, Boost Juice marketing activities not only aim to maintain the original integrity of the brand values around health, fund and love for life but also extend Its brand to cater for the local cultural differences. For example, company has adapted Its core product range of 6 smoothies to include Dragon Fruit in China, Ribose in South Africa etc.

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On the other hand, boost Juice is a low-involvement good that is inexpensive and has little perceived risk. Therefore consumers do not go through the extensive decision-making sequence and are more subjective to ‘peripheral’ cues such as the packaging and labeling. Boost’s packaging stands out for its bright color and simple labeling with its big brand name and some tastiness like ‘love life’, which easily catches people’s attention and motives their purchases.

Apart from that, boost’s adoption of foam cups for packaging also reveals Its commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Compared to normal cups, foam cups create less actual waste due to foam being 80-90% air. Every foam cup thrown away is equivalent to 3. Paper cups of the same size. And the production of foam cups does not require any trees to be chopped down. In addition, Boost Is also working on the recycling of foam cups, whereby It can be turned Into a range of different plastic Items Like pens. Boost study kill) 1 OFF Boost Juice communicates with general public effectively by incorporating various excellent promotion tools, among which are: major campaigns such as ‘healthy suckers’ and What’s Way Name Game’, VIBE Club for customer loyalty, Boost online newsletter and magazine to appeal to its core customers, and many other marketing initiatives through radio, TV, newspaper and other publications. Boost Juice’s advertisements are good examples of AID model implementation, like the ad “All I want”. In the advertisement, bright color, nice music and lively young people are integrated to attract people’s attention.

Then there is further demonstration about the advantages of its product such as the ‘low fat’. After that, the advertisement tries to convince consumers that the product will satisfy their needs and it is all they want. At the end of the advertisement, a girl finishes drinking a boost (take the action! ) with a hiccup to show great satisfaction. During the growth stage for Boost Juice, as more bars are opening and the brand is gaining greater awareness, consumers pay more attention on the post-purchase experience.

Boost’s marketing activities start to focus on personal selling and sale promotions to give consumers better experiences as a whole. On the other hand, Boost Company also squeezes the most out of the social media including faceable and twitter, where they publish the events, sales promotion or simply Just any post to involve consumers. Social media has become more relevant for company public relations to manage relationships, and effective utilization and connection with inline audiences may see greater recognition and differentiation from marketing communications. ‘ Beyond Promotion: Conceptualizing Public Relations in Integrated Marketing Communications’- Brian G. Smith, International Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications) There is still large space for Boost to enhance their interaction with targeted consumers, such as creating more interactive games and interesting posts. On the other hand, Boost Juice can also become more active in sports sponsorships instead of running too many campaigns with similar message, which will result in negative dispositions towards brands.

They have the Boost foundation to affiliate with Kodak Challenge Youth Program (KEEP), which aims to offer young people the opportunity to realize their full potential and gain different skills (boost Juice website). However, its impact is limited to the domestic young teenagers. To build better relationship between the brand and the mass, Boost can try to sponsor more large-scale sports events such as Australian open. By doing that, people will be reminded of the brand positions and link it positively to the sports events; the overseas market will also recognize and remember Boost when they closely keep an eye on the sports event.

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