Body Shop Uk Strategic Marketing Assignment

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The Organizational culture at Body Shop I-J, is all based on morals and ethics, it is not solely concerned with making profits, as quoted by the founder of Body Shop “The business of business should not Just be about money, it should be about responsibility. It should be about public good, not private greed. ” Dame Anita Rowdier. Human Rights Activist. Founder of The Body Shop Handy (1993) believed that there are four main types of organizational cultures.

He believed that these four types of cultures are; Power Culture, Role Culture, Task Culture and Person Culture. Handy defined Power Culture as a company with only a few central powerful figures. He believed that they were often found in small entrepreneurial organizations. This means that decisions can be made quicker and it is easier to contact the head of the company. Handy also believed that in a Power Culture there were few procedures and very little bureaucracy.

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Role Culture however is power based, and relates to which level the person is in within the hierarchy of the company. It is very typical of a bureaucratic organization. In Role Cultures it is believed that there are ‘pillars’. These workers are specialists in certain areas. These ‘pillars’ are co-ordinate by senior management. Handy explored a Task Culture which is more project oriented. The Task Culture tries to bring together the right people at the right time, for the right project.

The more expertise a person has the more likely they are to become the trial leader. Task Culture generally has a lot of flexibility and freedom due to the fact that they are working in a team. The final type of culture is a Person Culture. Handy believed that within this culture individuals are the central focus. It is believed that the organization only exists to serve the individuals working within it. The Person Culture has no hierarchy.

Taking Hands model into account The Body Shop I-J clearly falls into two of the cultures, namely Task and Person culture, this is clear, due o the significant focus the company puts onto its employees, they are all experts in their fields and their beliefs and values are mapped with their Job specification, and they are key to the businesses mission statement and goals, any strategic marketing planning, would have to take this into account. Corporate Resources Organizational Capabilities Segmentation,

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