Basic Marketing Plan Assignment

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Source from Australia government shows that Fruits and vegetables are still an important part of your diet and may play an indirect effect with a healthier weight cause they are relatively low in kilojoules (Better Health Channel, Cancer and food, 2014) This is an opportunity for Smart Banana because High fiber property of banana enables them to absorb numerous calories before passing to the digestive tract, it can help to solve the problem of people getting overweight and help people who want to have better body shape.

Refer to source from Smart banana, it shows that it is the first banana vending machine provider (Smart Banana Official). This is a strength and but also a threat for Smart Banana company . An the strength side, eying bananas in banana vending machine is a more convenient way for people to buy than buying in supermarkets. It is because they can reach the position that don’t have any shops like bus stops, school etc. On the threat side, bananas is different to other vending machine products like can or bottle drinks, they cannot keep fresh for more than a week even in cool temperature.

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It’s a technology problem for Smart Banana to keep their bananas fresh before the bananas sold out. 2. Marketing Goal Have over 50% of main Australia offices and schools area’s bus stop have installed the banana vending machines in 2 years 3. Marketing Strategy Smart banana is the first banana vending machine provider in Australia, the value it can give to their customers are convenient diet eating . To target the customers , it will base on behavioral segmentation and cryptographic segmentation mix .

First of all , based on behavioral segmentation , people place more importance on diet eating In 21 century . Research from source of World Health Organization, Fruit and vegetables are important components of a healthy diet, if people can eat egg of fruit or vegetable daily , it can highly prevent diabetes and obesity (World Health Organization [W. H. O. , Promoting fruit and vegetable consumption around the world ), Because of these reasons since 2013 WHO and FAA have started to promote Basic Marketing Plan By Lam-Yuk people about the importance of diet eating .

It is highly affecting people’s eating behavior especially teenagers which is trying to eat more vegetable and fruit in order to be healthy because their ages have the education of diet habits. Second, based on cryptographic segmentation, a banana vending machine is definitely a new method for people to buy fresh banana in the street. It is different to the traditional way to buy bananas in markets or supermarkets. Because of that, innovators will be select as the target customers instead of other life style because this group of people are viewing to try new things.

A new method to buy fresh banana would be suitable for them. Refer to the above information, Smart banana is the best banana vending machines provider for teenage innovators because teenagers are usually students or employees which are the group of more busy to have balance diet population. To aim this situation, banana vending machine can provide the value of "instant, no preparation, convenient positioning” healthy food for them. Secondly, because they re the group of people which have educated the knowledge about the importance of diet eating, a vending machine is an easy way to reach them.

Third, innovators have strong receptivity of the newborn objects, banana vending machines create a modern fruit buying method to the target customers.

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