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Atlanta PC Repair Marketing Plan Keller Graduate School of Management MM 522 Summer 10, Session B EXECUTIVE SUMMARY SERVICE DESCRIPTION AND SITUATION ANALYSIS Atlanta PC Repair provides computer, technical, and consulting services to small businesses and home computer users. Our services include, but are not limited to: * Software and hardware repair * Network installation and maintenance * Hardware and Software upgrade services * Training * Business name reflects the concept. A strong name based on your mission to provide end-to-end business solutions should convey that you are an expert and the only rational choice for your target small business prospects. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths * High level of technical expertise, including several leading industry certifications. * The business already has operational web site which customers can use to log service calls. * Atlanta PC Repair offers, on limited basis, technical support, consulting, web site development, and web site hosting to select few of its business clients. The business accepts credit cards as form of payment, which differentiates it from other small repair shops that only accept cash or checks. * Service calls are performed on-site, as “house calls”. The customers do not have to disconnect their systems in order for a technician to diagnose the problem * Straight hourly billing of all services performed, maxing at 4 hours. * Atlanta PC Repair already has a small but loyal business customer base. These customers were obtained by word of mouth.

When asked if they would use and recommend Atlanta PC Repair to others when the business incorporates, they unanimously agreed. Weaknesses * No store front where customers can drop off computers and interact with office staff and technician prior to the service call. * It currently has only one full time technician/owner which is a major obstacle to expansion. * Growth is limited by owner’s capacity to complete work. * Limited operating hours. * Lack of marketing expertise. * No Brand recognition, but the name is easy to remember and self explanatory.

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Opportunities * Expend business to offer parts and new computer systems. * Expend the business to consulting, web site development and hosting to all customers. * Established a store front on a busy road near home-based location. Threats * Computer repair business is easy to start with minimal upfront cost making it for competitors to enter the market. * Price war with other home-based computer repair businesses. * Sales Tax collection on parts sold during service calls. * Consumer unwilling to spend because of though economic times. TARGET MARKET

There are many potential customers among PC users. The target market of the computer repair business is everywhere; schools, churches, medical facilities, all kinds of businesses including local government, along with private individuals are potential client base. Atlanta PC Repair will primarily target small business clients, offering affordable, on-demand service and maintenance agreements. These??customers typically??do not have a full-time IT person, but have full-time IT needs. Their time is valuable and every hour spent without a computer is an hour of lost sales.

They are high-paying clients that recognize the importance of computers to running successful businesses, and are willing to become steady, loyal customers for years to come. According to US Census data from 2007, there are more than 231,000 private, non-farm business establishments in Gwinnett, GA, where Atlanta PC Repair operates. Most common industries include: * Construction (16%) * Healthcare (11%) * Professional, scientific, and technical services (10%) * Finance and Insurance (8%) There are also over 202,300 households, with a median income of $66,327 in Gwinnett County. 8% are individuals between ages 25-64, the target customer age for household consumers, of which 34% have Bachelor’s degree or higher. It is safe to assume that these individuals own at least one computer, limited time, and tremendous buying power, in terms of repair hours. COMPETITORS AND SUBSTITUTES Atlanta PC Repair’s main competitors are Geek Squad and other small repair shops. Geek Squad diversified from its original computer repairs, and currently offers the following services: * Computer ; Networking * TV ; Video, * Audio ; iPod Car ; GPS * Mobil Phones * Gaming * Camera ; Camcorder * Appliance services Geek Squad exists in all Best Buy stores in US and Canada. In addition to on-site service inside Best Buy, Geek Squad also offers at-home, online, and over the phone services. The hourly rate for virus and spyware removal, Atlanta PC Repair’s niche, range from $149. 99 for online support to $299. 99 for in-home service. The in-home hourly rate is double the price Atlanta PC Repair will charge for similar service. The closest Geek Squad inside Best Buy is approximately 2. miles away, with two other locations within 5 mile radius. Geek Squad also operates number of stand-alone locations staffed with full time “Agents”. There is a stand-alone store within 10 miles from Atlanta PC Repair, but does not pose a threat due to its distance. Geek Squad has already established Brand and image. The Geekmobile, a black and white Volkswagen Beetle with orange and black company logo is recognizable trademark in cities around the county. Geek Squad relies heavily on heavy marketing, economies of scale, and manpower for its future success.

On the flip side, Geek Squad is slow to respond to customer requests, expensive, hires inexperienced, young technicians, and plagued with scandal in recent years. There is growing dissatisfaction among Geek Squads’ customers regarding professionalism, pricing, technical competencies, and response time; areas were Atlanta PC Repair can capitalize and take over market share. References 1. Best Buy USA web site www. bestbuy. com 2. Geek Squad web site www. geeksquad. com 3. Wikipedia http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Geek_Squad 4. http://www. city-data. com/county/Gwinnett_County-GA. html

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