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PAR systems will support this new change in every way they can to ensure successful launch of the product including on-going support. There will be some very exciting advertising on the television, radio, and social networking sites that will get customers very excited about the dipping sauce that will make them want to get out of their seat and head to McDonald’s to try the new dipping sauce. The new yogurt dipping sauce will perfectly compliment their delicious already existing apple slices.

During the soft sell, customers Will be able to come in and try the new dipping sauce before the actual launch and advertising begins on television. Social networking sites such as F-casebook and Twitter will be helping to promote the new sauce during and after the launch. The newspaper will do a greatest of sending coupons out in the mail to help get neighborhoods and communities excited about this fantastic addition to the menu. Following the launch, there will be some fantastic follow-up with customer through qualitative research through surveys, feedback, and phone calls to ensure the launch was a success.

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Quantitative research will show what a success this was by showing a fantastic increase in sales and even larger customer base following. SECTION 2: SITUATION ANALYSIS Company (Product/Services) Description: “McDonald’s brand mission is to be our customers’ favorite place and way to “That broad and common mission statement is more clearly defined by the McDonald’s Values, which reflects the experience that customers can expect when walking into a McDonald’s fast food restaurant no matter where it is located… (Retrieved from McDonald. Com on 7/29/12) * We place the customer experience at the core Of all we do. * We are committed to our people. * We believe in the McDonald’s System. * We operate our business ethically. * We give back to our communities. We grow our business profitably. * We strive continually to improve. (Retrieved from McDonald’s. Com on 7/29/1 2) McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant that serves hamburgers, chicken, fries, shakes, soft drinks, salads, ice cream, fish, fruit, and Happy Meals.

It is a family friendly restaurant that provides exceptional customer service while providing value to families in a safe environment. McDonald’s was originally owned by the McDonald brothers before being bought by Mr.. Ray Crop who used to fix the McDonald brothers’ ice cream machine when it needed to be cleaned or required service. After realizing how much restaurant hospitality made him happy, he took over McDonald’s and slowly expanded the menu over the years.

In the last several years, McDonald’s went from being known about their burgers and fries to serving healthy options to their customers such as salads, fruit, grilled chicken, healthy kids meal options, fruit smoothies, and sugar-free options. This opened a whole new door for McDonald’s allowing them to serve a variety of customers from kids to on-the- go busy adults to senior citizens. SOOT ANALYSIS: Strengths: * Strong fast food com pan that is eve impressionable on kids * Strategic Alliance with Morocco Co, which does all their marketing and P. O. P (point of purchase) * Strong alliance with S. E.

I who does all their tech oenology support * Strong alliance with PAR systems which allows them to stay ahead and current on the latest order taking technologies and order taking monitors Has the privilege of real chefs who went to culinary school to create their menu items and then test their culinary items for over a year before putting it on the menu Weaknesses: * Some locations have poor traffic flow with no advertising for the stores on certain roads or highways * Corporate stores and franchisees stores run fervently and not everyone is exposed to the same menu options * Some stores do not have a Populace for kids, which makes parents want to go to other restaurants with their family Opportunities: * Offering yogurt as a dipping sauce as an alternative to the discontinued caramel sauce * Offer the yogurt in several flavors to appeal to kids * Offer free samples each Friday of the month to allow kids and parents to taste before buying * Offer the yogurt for free in the happy meal and charge only $. 50 cents for extra yogurt * Offer to sell the yogurt by itself without any other commitment IEEE; Fruit ; Yogurt Parfait

Threats: * The economy is still in recession which means consumers may be unwilling to spend * Competitive marketing from Subway and Chick-fill-A may accelerate * Chick-fill-A may be able to offer a non-fat yogurt option Chick-fill-A has had a 279. 8% visit rate from their customers due to social sharing (retrieved from The Sobbed Report) * Chick-fill-A uses social media integration to drive responses (retrieved from The Sobbed Report) * Chick- fill-A uses automatic tracking mechanisms to analyze results from their campaigns (retrieved from The Sobbed Report) INDUSTRY ANALYST: The fast food industry over many years has always served unhealthy food until the last several years.

With obesity on the rise and almost at the highest rate the United States has ever seen, the fast food industry wanted to help their communities out while still staying in business. Several companies such as McDonald’s, Subway, and Chick-Al-A have made a commitment to their customers and the community that they will offer much healthier options than their competitors while still providing the great service to which their customers have been used to all these years. The problem in the industry today is that many of these companies, including McDonald’s, offer fresh fruit or apple slices in their kids meals, but they have caramel dipping sauce which is high in sugar and some fat, which no longer makes the product truly “healthy” or no sauce at all which does not make the product fun for kids to eat.

McDonald’s has discontinued the caramel dipping sauce for the apple slices offered as part of a healthy alternative commitment to parents; however, there has been an increase of complaints that there is no dipping sauce for the apples slices. In order to resolve this need, and simultaneously be able to enhance McDonald’s attempt t a healthy image, a healthy dipping sauce will be added as an option to the menu. There will be several flavor options available to appeal to kids as well as potential Other customers who are interested in trying. There will also the options of just purchasing a side of yogurt, with or without flavor, for customer convenience. Target Market Description: The target market for this new product is for children and for those looking for a healthy dipping sauce with their apple slices.

According to the 201 1 Restaurant, Food ; Beverage Market research Handbook, the average annual household spending on snacks at quick service restaurants is $111. 01 and for dinner $342. 18. The average age for dinner consumer spending is 35-44 year olds who make over $100,000 per year, married couple with the oldest child ages 6-17, Non-Hispanic white/other, and their education level is high school graduate. An interesting quote found in this report states that “families with children are the biggest spenders on dinners at fast-food restaurants. Householders aged 25-54 spend 20% to 35% more than average on this item and account for 72% of the market.

Married couples with hillier at home spend 63% more than average on dinner at fast-food restaurants as they try to fit meals into their busy schedules. Asians, Blacks, and Hispanics spend between 6% and 10% more than average on fast-food dinners. ” During the snack period the report states that “parents are the best customers of snacks from fast-food restaurants. Householders aged 2544, most with children, spend 31 % to 43% more than the average household on fast-food snacks. Married couples with children at home spend two-thirds more than average on this item, the figure peaking at 82% above average mongo parents with school-aged children. ” Based on this information provided in the report, the market that needs to be advertised to is parents with children who live at home and go to school.

The characteristics of these customers that would be targeted are those who are ages 25-44, and are married with children for their dinner and snack-time needs Marketing Mix: Promotion: This new product will be heavily advertised on television after 2:00 pm to target ages 25-44 after the start of the soft sell. The soft sell will only have local advertising in the stores until national advertising begins four seeks later. There will also be advertising in the newspapers, community billboards, and small stores. In the commercials and in the small stores, there will be pictures of satisfied customers displayed featuring their new yogurt product.

The personal selling point for this new product will still be word of mouth as the first choice to motivate customers to try new products at McDonald’s for their dinner and snack needs. Place: The channel of distribution that will be used will be the intensive method because McDonald’s will be looking to reach the maximum number of potential customers as possible. They will be looking to saturate the market with this product since it will be the first of its kind for this industry. All restaurants will be working with the distribution center to make sure they do not run out of product during the promotion and be able to anticipate any need the customers may have. Depending on the success of the product, McCoy and franchisee owner/operators may be able to reward their restaurant staff for the launch of the new product.

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