Advertising In Children Shows Assignment

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Parents should feel safe about what the kids are watching. What about the parents? The kids see something that tells them that they’ll be popup lard or cooler if they have this thing so they go straight to their parents. It doesn’t just affect the children. There needs to be the option for parents of being able to censor Ads from their child’s media use. Parent’s have a hard enough time raising their children, they shouldn’t have to worry about Firebombed and Fitch, Barbie, R and M rated video games, Junk-food ads creating a self-gratifying consumer driven mind.

You can’t teach a child how to resist advertisements. Even adults can’t resist advertisements, the way malls, fasted, stores, advertisements, grocery tortes, catalogs, entertainment, everything that is the consumer world is directed around what psychologists and behaviorist’s have come to understand about people. We are merely rats in a maze being directed towards what it is we don’t need but have been trained to want. Happiness is achieved by acquiring things and you can never have enough things.

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That’s the idea, you buy a new pair of jeans you feel a sense of euphoria, you buy a new drink from Cataracts and post it on mainstream, you see an ad for Nikkei convince yourself that you need a new pair of running shoes even though you already own five. This influences a child’ perception of the world even greater because they’re vulnerable to advertisements. A child’s mind is still growing it’s still forming new connections and learning new concepts, stick an image of a beautiful woman that has been airbrushed to perfection and that child will grow up wanting to be that woman.

It’s hard to change someone’s idea of beauty when it is ingrained in our culture. TV and other ads should not be aimed at children. Children are particularly vulnerable to suggestion and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to ads that target their self-image. Advertisers should also be restricted in their use of children in advertising. Too often commercials adultery or objectify children, distorting our expectations and attributions of real children. I need to mention the fact that Children do not understand connection between spending and earning money.

Advertisements create desires in their mind – desires that often cannot be fulfilled because of financial situation of their families. It results in putting pressure on parents and problems with upbringing the children. Believe we should ban advertisements aimed at children. Firstly, children re not fully developed compared to adults. They cannot make proper decisions and are easily influenced by media. They don’t know if the advertisers have stretched the truth, because they don’t have the ability to assess that.

In that state, if children are to see inappropriate media, it can change their thoughts and behavior on things such as drinking. Adults know how to assess if they actually need this product. But children don’t and they get dissatisfied with what they have currently. They want to buy the product right now, because advertisers are telling them that they will look cooler or be ore popular if they own that item. That’s why I think children should not be exposed to advertisements..

Second, advertisements aimed at children are trying to influence the young minded children to force their parents to buy them good toys or sweets, the things children like. It causes parents to buy the toys in order to satisfy their children. That’s the effect the advertisement wants to make. So I believe it is unjust to target children to earn more money. Third, the advertisements that the children sees makes them make wrong decisions. They are told that something is not good for your health or very ungenerous but on TV there are advertisements going on that say those acts or things are completely fine and they should be bought.

There is an example with hamburgers. It is common knowledge that hamburgers have high calories and are not good for your health. Children are told that but unlike adults, they are easily influenced. After they see the advertisement promoting hamburgers, their thoughts about the hamburgers change and they start to doubt what their parents say. This is not a good situation for both the society and the child him or herself. There should be a ban on advertisements aimed t children because they instill materialistic values in the minds of children.

Many of these advertisements claim that “you need this item” or “It will make you cool. ” Children bombarded with such materialistic ideals at a young age are more susceptible to give in to peer pressure. Believe advertisements aimed at children should be banned. These ads are often for toys or junk food. Children are very easily fooled by ads, and cannot tell when an advertisement is stretching the truth. There is a growing problem of obesity in children, and I believe that advertisements for junk food are one of the main causes of this problem.

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