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How does the advertisement communicate brand values for John Lewis? The advert effectively communicates brand values to the audience, to showcase the brand identity of John Lewis. For example the producers of the advert spent ‘??6 million’ to emphasis the ‘quality John Lewis. Moreover, spending EH million on the advert implies how John Lewis are dedicated to showing the audience why they are a good place to not Just shop, but to commit.

For example their high budget for a one minute advert when compared to a whole feature length film such as Easy A which spent $8 million on an hour and half length film, reinforces how John Lewis want to convey the quality of their products. Furthermore, the brand value of quality is showed within the advert, as the location of the ad is sophisticated.

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This Is because an expensive lifestyle Is promoted – a large house in the country, a church wedding, the suggestion of one the actors having gone to university, all connote how the audience will use John Lewis because their products are of excellence and link in tit the expensive lifestyle portrayed. Furthermore, loyalty is another brand value communicated to the audience. For example the typography within the advert, ‘A lifelong commitment to you’, implies how the brand wants to support its customers throughout the highs and lows of life, and can also support from ‘childhood’ to grandparents’.

Also, you’ Is the mode of address used, directed at the audience to emphasis how John Lewis Is customer friendly and caring because they only each you’ – each and every customer in mind. The brand value of loyalty ties in with unity. This is because within the advert there is always a family orientated environment, in which the family sit and Interact together – e. G. A mother cooking with her daughter.

This further Initiates that that John Lewis want to bond people and bring them together, suggesting that the aim to promote togetherness and happiness, which audience there expect from the brand. Moreover the reception to the advert shows how John Lewis are modest. For example how they were ‘overwhelmed by the volume of responses’ suggests they are a humble brand. Ho aim for positivist, further explaining how John Lewis wants the audience to feel connected to their brand.

Additionally, John Lewis also promotes a sense of traditional values. For example, the use of the ‘sass’s classic Billy Joel song conveys that John Lewis like to revivalists the past and tie this is with modern elements, so that that showcase a sense of the traditional family to the audience. Similarly, this links to how the brand is promoting modern advances too. For example the song Is available on ‘Tunes’ which is a mainstream music software, that Is hugely popular and available widespread.

This represents how John Lewis aim to be a national brand – who can communicate with 1 OFF audience the song associated with it. This is emphasizing how the brand goes one step further to being ‘loyal’ and dependable. Furthermore, this also ties in how the advert is aired on prime time T. V – during ‘Coronation Street’. This highlights are John Lewis are a quality product as they can afford to advertise during the most expensive,

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