Adiyat Marketing and Distribution Ltd Assignment

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Distribution Ltd. Is leader in retail distribution in Sudan, established in 2004 part of Data group which was established in 1991. It start with 16 distribution vans and a handful of employees to reach today more than 200 distribution vehicles and 300 Employees serving more than 13,000 customers nationwide. Data Marketing and Distribution is the sole agent of Milliner Homemade and Personal care product, distribution Milliner international brands such Lug, Lifebuoy,

Dove, Signal, Clear, Sundial and many more. Data Marketing and Distribution is also the agent of Kimberly Clark which is the owner of the brand Kleenex, Data is also the agents of Dream, Dolente in which it distribute it food products, Data also is the agent of Hail Sated business Group which is one of the known Groups in the region for product such as IANA, Alberta chips and the teashop biscuits. Data also owns its own private label such as Imitate which covers Sugar, Commodities, Hibiscus and

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To Distribute such a diversity of product Deadly has built a strong Infrastructure with 4 warehouse in Barr’ and a warehouse in Garry free zone and 5 warehouse in Port Sudan Free zone. To Control such a diverse operation Deadly Is use the latest technologies such as GAPS tracking to all It fleet and Supplying each salesman with a HATH to do all of his activities electronically, all In which Is link to back office ERP. Through these technologies Deadly Is able to Increase Its efficiency while maintain a high sense of control.

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