Human Evolution Assignment

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Human Evolution is Just a theory. Hominids began to come to life about four to five million years ago and only one will adapt to become us. Many species had to adapt to their environment or die off. The result of changes in the environment made us today. Staphylococcus Afrikaners are one of the first hominids, also known as the Australia. The Australia had a reason why they had to stand up on two legs. Eight million years ago, Africa was covered with tropical rain forests. Suddenly, tectonic plates shifted and India crashed into Asia. This collision changed weather tatters.

Wind currents changed and moistures moved out of Africa. Africa also changed from mainly rain forests to grasslands and woodlands. Some gorillas and apes could no longer live in the new environment. They had to adapt walk upright or die off. The Australia had a leathery, wrinkled face and a flat nose. They also had long arms for life in the trees. The Australia were three and one-half to four and one-half feet tall. They were hairy and had dark eyes. The Alpha male was the leader and mates with all females. The Alpha male protects troops and is the smartest, strongest, and most dominant.

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The Australia live in a troop of a few dozen. They groom each other to relieve stress. The Australia are violent with each other. They eat berries, fruit, and plants. They had no tools. Some advantages of walking upright were that they can see over tall grasses to locate predators and had a more efficient way to walk-saves energy. Saving energy was applied to having and raising more offspring. Homo habits, meaning handy man, is the same as the Australia but they have little different physical characteristics. Homo habits have bigger brains, less hair, and have a flat nose not as flat. They also don’t have a leathery face.

Homo habits began to observe the environment for clues to food. They developed more teamwork and scared away predators. Homo habits had stone tools called choppers which are used to crush open bones to get the bone marrow. Bone marrow is a high source of protein. It also helped Homo habits keep big brains. Homo register meaner working man. Homo register walk upright. Their bodies are designed to keep cool because they have long, broad nose, less hair, tall, and thin. Homo register were less hairy and had no leathery face. They even have shorter arms and larger brains to understand footprints, seasons, hunting strategies.

Homo register had relationships of couples, so no more alpha male. Men hunted, woman gathered, and elders cared for the young. Communication was formed in grunts, facial expression, and hand gestures. One tool that they used was the hand axe that was made from stone used to kill animals. Homo erects, which meaner erect man, have the same physical and social characteristics as Homo erects. Hominids picked up embers from fires started by lightning and used them to make fire. Homo erects used fire to cook food, stay warm, and use it as weapon. The weapon was used to scare off predators and to hunt.

They do not have a developed language but their communication was grunts and hand gestures. The problem that Homo erects encountered with fire was that pine resin. Pine resin is a natural fuel to keep fire lit. The three factors that were essential for Homo erects to survive were sharing knowledge, solving problems, and cooperation. Neanderthal is one of the last hominids in the Human Evolution. Neanderthals have short arms and legs to keep themselves warm. They have a small, stocky body that also keeps themselves warm. Neanderthals have a massive brain which meaner they can observe everything in nature.

They have a broad nose to keep them cool. The sweat they will get will freeze. They also have a high tolerance for pain. Neanderthals lived in small groups. They lived in seven to twelve caves. They also had relationships of couples. There was no more alpha male. Men hunted, women gathered and elders cared for the young. Neanderthals lived in brutally cold environment. They had a more developed language and hunting skills than Homo erects. Diet consisted of mostly meat, which they cooked. Some tools that they made were different types of stone tools for cutting various objects. Homo sapiens is the thinking man.

Homo sapiens are tall, thin, less hairy, and they have a smaller nose. They also have painted bodies and Jewelry. They even have better clothing. Homo sapiens have smaller brains than the Neanderthals but the male’s brains or more developed. The language was more complex which allowed them to form alliances and trade for goods that they needed. Some tools that they developed were harpoons, nets, and needles. Their brain developed more and was capable of new ways of thinking. Scientists discovered a new hominid called Arid. Humans are still evolving today. Humans are going to change in the future

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