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It reads “Welcome to Russia”,” but of course it was in Russian so the only thing that I could pronounce was Pooch’,l;, or Russia. “l ran to her as fast as can, ending tit an embrace and two kisses on each cheek, before realize that I didn’t know her name. Wasn’t sure which one of kids it was. They all look the same. ” She called everyone “kids” unless they were older than her. As my grandma kept telling me the story, I felt like I was right next to her. “We went to the house and kayak’4, or your grandmother, made me Pl_u borsch. All of my cousins and my sister called our great grandmother baby, which is short for babushka. Borsch is literally translated as beet soup. ‘Then we all went out, and I got a tour. Everything was so pretty, especially the Church of he Ascension of Christ. The only thing that bothered me the most was the fact that it was so dark back then. But it was all from the crap in air. I haven’t seen any current pictures of it, but hope they cleaned it up. That was such a shame. ” My grandmother’s experience was quite some time ago, but I have always wondered if they did clean up their act and fix what seems to be a pretty place.

However, do people stay there long enough to actually care what it looks like or do they just get sick of it and move away? Hearing my grandma’s story over and over again as a kid makes that much more to figure mom things out on my own. Those things include why my relatives would want to move to Pittsburgh, just to move back. So my research question is trying to investigate what are the push and pull factors of Imaginations that could sway someone’s opinion to choose it over a similar economical city producing the same thing in the early 20th century, Pittsburgh.

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Why Pittsburgh? Being from a suburb of Pittsburgh, Sealer, we all grow up knowing what life was like in the early 20th century. The steel mills had the biggest economical impact in Pittsburgh, but more importantly, America. After so long, we get tired of hearing the same stories over and over again. However, when I learned about where my family was from, I wanted to hear all about the steel mills. This is the only way to explain the patterns of my ancestors’ reasoning for the continuation of working leading up to most of their horrific deaths.

Imaginations just so happens to be the place of departure for the majority of my family on my great grandfather’s side. I myself don’t have a strong connection to Imaginations, but my family surely is familiar with this place in Russia. This place is in western Chalkiness Blast near the Rural River and is where my family called home for hundreds of years. Imaginations is known for one of the top producers in steel since pure iron is found within its landscape. I have been told that the steel mill, Imaginations Iron and Steel Works, is where my relatives made their money, which for their sake was not a lot.

Eventually, they moved to Pittsburgh and the men stuck to what they knew best, working in the steel mills. Even now, the people who are alive in America wish that they went back to the old country so they could work. I know that most of my family that irked in the mills either died from cancer induced from the chemicals in the air, or they are alive, but living on by a thread with oxygen tanks by their side. Most of the men have hands on jobs and the women deal with the home and they have intellectual jobs to help support their family. Some of my family members did move back to Imaginations.

They realized that once Pittsburgh was out of the running in the steel industry, they went to their old job site to take care of their wife and children. By them doing this, it explains why there is a sense of extremity when it comes to doing anything or anyone in the family unit will do anything for the next or even for friends. I wish that I had the ability to go over there to see for myself what it was like. Only have the stories that my grandmother and great grandmother told me. Almost feel like Imaginations could not have been that bad.

But then again, I also thought Pittsburgh was not as bad as it truly was. It is crazy to think of how far Pittsburgh has come in the sense of cleaning up around and making it one of the ‘greener cities today. I am curious to see if Imaginations can do the same. I mean why not, unless there is something prohibiting them from owing so. Then, I would like to find that out. Introduction to my study My plan of attack in order to reach the final destination that is to answer my research question, is to get as much information as possible about the city of Imaginations itself.

Due to my lack in knowledge about Imaginations, I plan on doing my best to pull as much information about it through my interviewees. However, I might not get all the information that I need in order to adequately answer my question of the push and pull factors. So, I am going to strategically use a secondary source, the internet, in order to support any eternal that I do get. I plan on interviewing two people. One happens to live over in Russia and who believe is my cousin. Her name in Sonny Migration and her relation to me is uncertain because we kind of lose those meanings of specific relations over time and space.

The other person I plan on interviewing is also a female by the name of Elena Recourse who happens to have lived over in the area. She moved here with her husband. Both of these ladies bring up similar ideologies about Imaginations, but they have very different reasons for being in the place that they reside in today. The interview was set up in my house in Pittsburgh, PA. I was interviewing Sonny Migration via Keep while she sits comfortably in the home in Imaginations, Russia. Invited a friend of mine, Elena, who happens to be another one of my participants.

She is sitting in on the conversation between Sonny and I because my Russian is not as strong as what it should be in order to accurately conduct the interview, and Sonny’s English is not close to being non-existent since she has moved back to Russia almost 30 years ago. Sonny and I made soup in our respective homes to simulate that one of us was hectically with the Other. So the smell in my house is only comparable to the one when you bake a fresh pie. The smell is infused in the air where you can almost taste it as your mouth waters.

So starting off the interview was hard enough with rich smell of think soup in the air. As soon as Sonny came on my screen, I realized that we were wearing the same color; as if we had called each other up to make sure we matched. Had a rather professional blouse that was slightly see-through of the color purple with a black tank top underneath and Sonny was wearing a purple t-shirt that was under her floral porn as if she had been slaving over a hot stove all day. No sooner she had come on, her husband, Alex, came on to talk to me a little since neither of them apparently saw me since I was a little girl.

I do not remember this. Then proceeded to introduce Elena to make it was not awkward with her sitting next to me. So then they talked for what it seemed to be like forever. After all this beginning stuff, it was finally time to start the interview with my relative who currently lives in Russia. In a house in Sickles, PA, right outside of Pittsburgh, Elena Recourse and I sat down in her formal living room, having mom coffee and cookies. Fortunately, we both felt uncomfortable since he have known each other for a while and that the formal living room was too snotty to talk in.

So instead, we walked downstairs, the basement, and we decided to chill there in the “man cave”. This room consists of a flat screen TV that takes up the entire side of the wall, 2 leather couches and 2 matching recliner chairs, a bar off on the side with a pool table separating the bar from the TV area. As we are getting all cozy in the chairs before start asking questions, her husband, Ben, brought us a yummy treat. He gave us a French manila mocha with whipped cream on top along with caramel drizzle and fresh chocolate shavings.

The coffee was so good that we forgot was there to conduct an interview, and we were instead talking about personal things like her son coming over to America to go to grad school. After a while, we realized we had to converse about Imaginations and some of its entities. Methods and Results (Google. Com/images) As you can see from the pictures, Imaginations has changed through time. Asked my both Sonny Migration and Elena Recourse the same question about if they could paint a picture of Imaginations, what it would look like.

They coincidentally did the same thing and described the city in two different ways; how it looked in the past and the present. Sonny said the following: Coroner- GHB Kappa’,lag CO Valhalla VI Hexadecimal 8 CABOCHON 0Kpyxa10Luv1e bespeak. Bespeak Haystacks covenant,equable Of-WI histological eighty,1, Tubful Tax OHO Electrical,testable AOE0116H0 ghastly. Tax VETO 661 Haply,cobalt He a Onboard c unmake”1 B He cantata kebab a $momma apex,MME c acetate,1 monochromes. TTT oblong 681 -rack Onboard.

Granite this is in Russian, but she almost clearly depicts something that med to be almost synonymous with pictures on the internet. She portrays the two images Very drastically from each other. In the interview itself, she talks about the clean days then goes to the old days. While she was trying to get her response across, I realized, without Elena even telling, that her mood changed as she was transitioning between the two sets of scenery. She went from looking delighted and excited to waving her hands around vigorously and her facial expression looked “ugly”.

Just by her attitude and body expression I could tell there was a bigger story and meaning behind just the ay Imaginations looked. Catapult Behave- Ponca b’ He B cooperate- irony’s, yes Monty,1 rotor enplaned”l. Applicant 681 Bespoke Chose, HO accentuate TTT y scapegoat merest apathy CE peeks,e Bellevue a He. 1. ‘1 b’ He Tablet. (Sonny, personal communication, October 1 5, 2014) Even the picture that I choose on the left hand side seems to portray a melancholy existence compared to the picture on the right side that depicts a rather cleaner view of the city.

Sonny talks about that as well in her response as she discusses how it looks in the present day with the image of a church in the background of her “painting”. Both Elena and Sonny make a reference to a church in their representation of Imaginations. The church they are both talking about it the Church of the Ascension of Christ which is seen in the above picture. “It is really pretty at Easter so many colorful things. The eggs and flowers are really nice. Everyone goes to the church and have baskets blessed before they go back home. Every time it is so sunny and blue sky. (Elena personal communication, October 1 8, 2014) What Elena is talking about is when she goes home for Easter once in a while, she arrives at the church in the morning and the theater is nice and not about to rain or too cold. This makes her want to go every so often because of the nice experience she has every time she goes now. The old image of how her hometown once looked like is almost non- existent in comparison to how much knowledge she carries around with her about the new perspective. As depicted by the pictures above, as well, there are steel mills in the town of Imaginations.

In fact, it accounts for a lot of the current steel that is used and made today. This company has its benefits and its repercussions. From ??lan’s perspective, she did not have a lot to do with this industry for she and ere family had a farm, but some of the crops did not make it between the different years for the air quality gradually killed some off. As for Sonny, it is the main reason why she moved from Pittsburgh back to Imaginations. Steel mill go away in America so [my husband] got fired. So we move back to get job and live. I like Pittsburgh, but there was no need to stay there.

I would go poor with no job if we stayed. So Imaginations gave us a job so we go here. (Sonny rough translation, personal communication, October 15, 2014) Ever since the market of making steel left Pittsburgh, most of the workers found ewe career paths. However for Sonny and her family, that was not an option. She did not work and her husband Only knew how to work in the steel industry. So for them it made sense to push away from Pittsburgh and go back home where the steel industry pulled her family in. For Elena, that was not the reason for her staying or leaving.

She left to be with her husband, but for her the pull factor that are in Russia are due to her boys living there. There is a third perspective on the situation. Statistics of the area show that the most problems with the steel mills is not the fact that it is bringing a ton f money into the town, but the effect it has on the lives of the people that live there. So the industry without a doubt brings money into individuals’ homes and to the town. But even Sonny later on in the interview that she recognizes the effects it has on the air quality. The air pollution in this city is so bad that it is difficult to give birth to a live baby.

The local hospital estimates that only 1% of all children in Imaginations are in good health and increased cancer rates in the city are attributed to severe pollution from dioxides and Benzedrine. According to Negativism’s Gazette, only 28% of infants born in 1992 were healthy, and only 27% had healthy mothers. (website) According to the Blacksmith Institute, these finding are of the old, but ever so relevant in present. This goes to show that even if something is “better” for the city with the production of steel, it can be ever so harmful to the people in the city, who happen to be the workers in the mill.

This is clearly a push factor of why people would want to leave the city even though it seems to have changed a whole lot in today’s standards. Another institution has come out with saying that even though there has been a reduction in the missions of the factory, the production levels have increased by almost 39% (Imaginations:). In fact, when the factory was established it was partly modeled after the factory in Pittsburgh in 1929, however the ideas might have been the same, but some of the households had been built before the plan was finalized.

Thus, this lead to the director of operations leaving from being blamed after he was forced to ditch the original plan and used some of the household material for the factory since it was always the main objective. That ideology of the steel mill coming first is still the current ideology, hence he reason as to why clean-up activities have started, they just have not been the focal point as long as they keep producing to make money. This is one of the reasons people do not leave is because of the ideology that has been ingrained in their heads for so long.

Even Sonny stated, “aha Navaho’;AT biblical,e Asher”l Meg VI Moe seems,1. STOP nonexempt Nat”let GA Moor,XX Bee_Feb., HO TTT cantata ABBACY kebob Knox. Bcc Papaya battle TaM, Take ETC) are ace, HTH OOH robot o. ” Where she said that the factory gives her the opportunity to make money for her and her family. Even though the IR quality is bad, they go and work because that is the most important thing to them. In the picture, it is clear that the little black things are people that are trying to catch the fish from the polluted water.

The image in the background is the Imaginations Iron and Steel Works (MGM). The magnitude of the factory should be the first indicator as to the importance of the industry within the city. The sky is probably the most notable and most disgusting thing to see as for it is in the middle of the day and yet it looks overcast and about to rain. This is was the ideology behind what they are doing. If this was not a push factor out of the city do not know what would be.

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