Imperialism in Pablo Neruda’s “United Fruit Company” Assignment

Imperialism in Pablo Neruda’s “United Fruit Company” Assignment Words: 434

The poem “United Fruit Company “talks about the dreadful control of the powerful country, united States of America, to the economic system of some regions in the Central America. It was an act of Imperialism in a more direct way. Central America’s principal crop and in demand export product is banana. Because the place is rich with a well- cultivated land, most of the people living in there are settled with farming as main source of living.

In the 9th line of the poem, “banana republic” is mentioned. This meaner that the founding of “United Fruit Company” was built to Intently control the foreign trade and eventually the economic shape of the regions. “Sleeping dead” and “restless heroes” these all pertains to the populace who worked hard to bear those products yet in the end, they are deprived to cultivate their own greatness because someone bigger is holding back to do so. People no longer had the independence.

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As the poem went on, there came a mentioning of names of reorient people, associated with the word “flies” In them. “Flies” refer to insects that are found anywhere there Is food. Like them, people who are thirsty for power and have greed for money are pests_ They caused obliteration to the society of those years. Rafael Leonia Trujillo Moline, a dictator from Dominican Republic, had a strong tie to the united States. During his time, economic sanctions were brought up. Tiburon Caries, also a dictator, governed Honduras with an iron fest.

Jorge Pubic Castanets, a liberal general, though regained the economic prosperity of Guatemala; still he became an oppressing leader and imposed repressive military rules to everyone on his time. All of the men mentioned had something to do with the united States. They collaborated with the powerful country In order to get budget and spread their power. They are well trained in tyranny, as the last line in the first stanza said. Turning into the second stanza, “ships” were already mentioned.

This appended because in order for the Fruit company to multiply their profit, ships specifically steamboat were used to transport products, as mentioned the “coffee and the fruit; the treasure of our submerged territories flow as though on plates into the ships. ” The poem ended with a tragic description. Many Indians or Central American people died because of the repressing hand of the dictators. Many peasants got landless because of the expansion of United Fruit Company. Corpses were thrown on the chasm and were then called dead fruit.

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