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Imperialism was a large factor In the development of India economically, politically, and socially. Imperialism Is the relationship between countries that out of the purpose of seeking more authority by conquering other countries or by establishing economic and political dominance over other countries. The “dominating” nation benefits from the relationship in an economic way; this often leads to the collapse or damage of the “lesser dominant” nation’s economy.

The main reason why Britain imperialism India in the first place is out of its economic interest ND treasured India more for its potential than its actual profit. India has lots of valuable raw materials that has not been developed which British considered a large potential market to make goods. Therefore, British referred India as “Jewel In the crown”. The British Imperialism has had such a large affect on the Indian way of life is because this Imperialism lasted from 1757 all the way up till, 1947, which mean the Imperialism lasted 190 years. The Imperialism of India had many good outcomes.

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This boost In resources allowed Britain to develop new technologies at a faster rate, cosmologies that were brought to India. This also, eventually freed India from its monarchy and set the nation up for a democracy. Moreover, western education doubtlessly increased the people that are in universities level. Finally the overall boost to Indian’s political, economical, cultural areas helped India become a big player in modern society. So even though there were many short term negative outcome of British Imperialism in India, the long term positive outcomes outweigh them by a landslide. British Imperialism In India has changed the face of India.

Although Britain didn’t serially have the right to invade India, they did- that is history. The treatment of Indians was at many times deplorable and methods of control crude. Britain did however add to the overall infrastructure of India, which added to Indian’s economic ability. Some might say that British might have done several brutal things to India…. Overall, imperialism had Its benefits but was unfair. India did not ask for Britain’s help, nor did Britain have the right to invade. British Imperialism had indeed its ups and its downs. However, British introduced to India the knowledge of western world.

Britain’s accomplishments are most part still serving India today and making a difference on all fronts. For examples, first, the railroads have definitely benefits India to improve Its transportation that is still being used till now; secondly, the universities that British had built Is now one of the most outstanding university In India; lastly, and British had outlawed the slavery and a lot of terrible old system India had and brought democracy to India. Although the changes forced people to go today it could not have been in without Britain. Imperialism has had a positive long term effects on India.

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