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A Thousand Splendid Suns… Len Class Essay. In Thomas C. Fosters One Story, he offers a valid argument to his view on poetry There is no such thing as a wholly original work of literature. Some people who first read this quote may think that he is discrediting all poets and accusing them of unoriginality, but that is not what he is trying to say at all. I believe that what he is trying to say is that even though unoriginality is usually impossible, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Because of unoriginality, it forces writers to open their minds to a broader spectrum.

It pushes them to find unique and different ways to make their poetry somewhat new. Some characters in literature, due to unoriginality, can be parallel to each other with their similar characteristics and situations. Furthermore, a good example of two characters that are parallel, or alike to each other are Miriam from A Thousand Splendid Suns and Melinda from Speak. I believe that they are extremely parallel to each other because the have both dealt with controversy throughout the story. They have both dealt with situations that had a huge effect on the way they act, as well as treated others.

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But, these life-changing experiences that they went through helped them become brave enough to face their adversity head Griffith II Miriam lived in Afghanistan all of her life. Her parents, Jail and Nana, were separated and did not get with each other from the beginning of the story until Nana commits suicide. Miriam takes her death the hardest of all of all and begins to see Jail through Nanas eyes. She realizes how untrustworthy and flaky he has been to her. So from then on, she begins to push the people who care about her the most far away and make bad decisions that results in her own execution.

Melinda is about to begin high school and she is extremely happy. But all that happiness begins to go away when she decides to go to a high school upper-clansmen party with a group of her so-called closest friends. Something extremely scarring happened to her that night that she cannot forget or take back. After holding it in for such a long time, she becomes a whole new person who is timid and afraid to speak up for herself. I believe that Miriam and Melinda are alike in many different ways. They both experiences changes in their life that they cannot fix or forget.

They begin to have a whole new outlook on life, and sadder more depressing version. Melinda and Miriam soon start to block out the people that love and care about them the most. But, they do it because they just did not know if the were being sincere. That mistrust that they have soon leads them to break down. As both of their stories begin to progress, there comes a breakthrough in which they realize that the people that they pushed away the most, are the ones that ha their back the whole time. Griffith Ill As a result.

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