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Psychology Internet Scavenger Hunt: Feral Children Answer these questions with help from the video and the Internet. First find the definition of “feral children”. A feral child Is a human child who has lived Isolated from human contact from a very young age, and has no experience of human care, loving or social behavior, and crucially, of human language. Website to start at for help: http://www. Learnedness. Com/feral-children/ 1. Write about one child and their circumstances as a feral child. Joana Malaysia’s parents kept her in the kennels with several dogs, and she lived there until she was rescued at age 8. 2.

How do children who are raised by animals behave differently than others? It prevents the child from experiencing and learning human emotions, social behaviors, and human languages. 3. What Is the role of nature In the case, and of nurture In this story? Feral children are devoid of encapsulation. These children show that humans don’t instinctual learn to use a toilet or to have interest in the human activities around them. Find the story of Genie the feral girl. Based on the information about Genie, answer the following questions. 4. Describe Genie’s situation. Her parents kept her In such isolation for 12 years. How was her behavior different from another young girl? She couldn’t play with Barbie dolls or have play dates with her stuffed animals. Her behavior affected the way she saw the world. 6. Do you think Genie Is capable of leading a normal life? In a psychological perspective, yes. 7. What is the role of nature in this case, and of nurture? A. To answer this question, think of the others that follow: I. Do you think Genie’s inability to talk was a result of living so long without other human interaction and being in an impoverished environment with little sensory stimulation…. Or because she had been abused?

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Or a combination of both? Was she born without the necessary skills in her brain? I think that it’s a combination of both. Next read one of the following modern stories of feral children. 8. Will it be possible for these children to lead a normal life? Yes. Even though It would take many years and an Intense scientific research 9. Who Is responsible for this? Should the government take some responsibility? The parent(s) Is 100% responsible for this. Seriously, what would the government do? 10. As a young person how would you feel I probably wouldn’t be able to feel no type of emotion, what is going on, or what is being said to me. Tap://www. Tampa. Com/features/humanities/the-girl-in-the-window/750838 http://absence. Go. Com/Health/story? Id=4758945=1 #. Coffeehouse Feel free to explore other feral children. Try to figure out if you feel as though nature plays a larger role in “what makes you, you;” is it nurture, or is it a combination of the two. Don’t worry about right or wrong answers with this activity, this is Just to introduce you to new ideas and situations and help your mind grow! Your final assignment is to answer the following in no more than 10 sentences. Which plays a larger role, nature or nurture in a child’s development?

Nurturing is more important in a child’s growth than nature. I believe this and even though I do think nature has a big role I think that nurture plays a bigger part in a child’s growth. I think so because a child may have been born into a home where the parents aren’t around often and when they are around may neglect them. This could affect the child in the long run with the ability of trust or how much they care for someone. But if there is a child born in a home where the parents are always there for them day and night and shows the child love and compassion then they will grow up caring about there people and believing better values. It is clear that environmental factor, and parenting in particular, have a large influence on child development. Parenting is particularly important in early childhood, when children are so dependent on their parents and when they are exposed to few outside influences. ” With this piece of evidence I am able to show how important parents who nurture their children are. By saying that children at young ages are not exposed too much and depends on their parent’s shows that how their parents act plays a big role in the child’s development and by doing the wrong thing could effect a child.

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