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Trend Rezone has been recorded by Nine Inch Nails and covered by Johnny Cash. The tone of Nine Inch Nails’ music video is mournful, where Johnny Cash’s cover is regretful. The first video was the original by Nine Inch Nails. This version was sung very softly, making the emotion very dark. It showed a black and white video of various clips, most dating back to World War II. The clips displayed the grim faces of both soldiers and civilians, which showed that all parties were affected. There were also clips of many explosions and dying and decomposing animals.

Two slips that stood out were of a snake and a chameleon, staring blank at the camera. This version was from the point of view of the past, focusing on World War II. It showed that the past was dark but sorry that it couldn’t be changed. The video was of low quality, which made it more eerie. It was very mournful. Johnny Cash’s version was very different than the original. Cash’s version was much more personal. His version focused on his life, success, and regret. The video emphasized on the lyric: “You could have it all, my empire of dirt,” the dirt being his wealth and riches.

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During this line, Cash was shown drinking wine alone in a dining room set for a royal family. This showed that his success wasn’t worth it if he had no one to share it with. A ‘House of Cash; Closed to Public’ sign is shown multiple times, showing inner secrets and hiding form others. Pain of losing those close to him. He is realizing he’s grown old and is now alone, regretting past choices. Both versions of “Hurt” by Trend Rezone have very different tones. The original is mournful, where Johnny Cash’s version is about regret.

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