Osmosis Lab assignment

Osmosis Lab assignment Words: 273

According to the results obtained, it is seen that the mass was highest when the potato cylinders were put in distilled water (0. 00 M sucrose solution). They absorbed a lot of water and got very stiff, due to tutor pressure. Tutor pressure makes plant cells stiff when water increases inside the cell and the plasma membrane pressurize the cell wall (Swan).

At the concentration 0. 2 M sucrose, the potato cylinders absorbed water, although not as much as when they were put in distilled water. This was because the solutions were hypotonic, I. E. They had a low concentration of solute, in this case sucrose, and a higher concentration of water same. This was because this was an isotonic solution compared to the potato cylinders. Isotonic solutions are solutions that have reached equilibrium, meaning the amount of water and sucrose was the same in the solution and inside the potato cylinders (Ward). 0. M was probably an anomaly, this is because it goes completely UT of the trend and depicts that the solution was more isotonic than 0. 4 M. It also has the highest error bars. 0. 8 M and 1. 0 M were highly hypersonic solutions and the potato cylinders shrunk and got very soft and soggy. This means that the concentration of the solutions had more solute, sucrose, and less solvent, water, making them more concentrated compared to the potato cylinders (Ward). Therefore it can be concluded that the mass of the potato cylinders will increase in a solution that is more than 0. 4 M and will decrease otherwise due to osmosis I. . The passive movement of water into and out of a cell (Hong).

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