Enzyme Practical Assignment

Enzyme Practical Assignment Words: 505

Background Information: Trying is a protease which conducts hydrolysis forming peptides. It is an enzyme which is secreted by the pancreas into the small intestine and works best in an alkaline environment. Egg white Is used In this practical as It Is found to contain the protein/ enzyme trying. PH is the measure of the amount of H+ ions in a solution, these ions affect the shape of the enzyme. Hypothesis: That as pH Increases. He rate of enzymatic activity Increases until the optimum pH Is reached. Aim: To Investigate the effects of different pH levels on reactions catalysts by the enzyme trying. Risk Assessment: Trying solution, Noah solution and HCI solution The solutions are irritant to the skin and can be lethal is consumed. It can also be harmful if contacted with eyes. Wear safety goggles during use of solutions, if splashed onto skin, Immediately rinse with cold water.

Cuts from glass Cuts to skin when breakage occurs Immediately inform teacher and follow instructions to clear away glass Burns from heat Burns to skin from hot water, hot milk or Bunsen flame Immediately hold under cold water and inform teacher Variables: Independent pH of solution Dependent Optimum pH level ‘e. Whether protein disappears (digestion) Controlled Pepsin, egg white. Experimental Control Test tube with water Method: 1 . Collect 4 test tubes and label them from A to D. 2. Add about mm of egg white into each test tube. . Add 3 drops into test tubes A, B and C. 4. Add 10 ml water Into test tube A and D as a test of neutral PH. ‘OFF 5. Add 10 ml Hydroxide into test tube C resulting as a basic pH test. 7. Heat the test tubes in a water bath until they all reach approximately ICC. . Remove the test tubes from the heat after 10 minutes and record any observations in a table. Repeat: Repeat the experiment 10 times with the aim of achieving consistent results, this will increase the reliability of the experiment.

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Discussion: 1 . A control experiment must be performed. Why is it performed and what did yours show? A control experiment must be performed so you can observe the effects of your test and how variables can alter results. Mine showed that as pH levels increase, the enzymatic activity increases, this is shown by the control which had no effect as opposed to the one with an acidic pH which gave the desired results which was that digestion had occurred as a result of an increased PH. . What variables did you control and how did you do it? I controlled the pepsin by using it in all different pH level tests except for the control. This was done to see whether the absence of the enzyme had an effect on the substrate. 3. If you were to repeat your experiment how and why would you do things differently? I would have repeated the experiment however, I would have had a control for each of the different pH levels to observe the effects of the enzyme.

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