Anti Globalization Assignment

Anti Globalization Assignment Words: 207

Globalization is not about spreading wealth and democracy. It is about allowing capital to chase profit around the world. In case of globalization the difference between poorest countries and richest countries are growing rapidly. Globalization is not a benefit for those countries, who exports raw materials and imports manufactured goods. For example, China exports their goods around the world and they have huge benefit from this.

Another example, African countries which exports a lot of raw materials such as cotton, diamonds and minerals and their economic doesn’t grows at all. Since globalization exists there are anti-globalize movements. They are fighting against unemployment, pollution and such bad things which are caused by globalization. Entering world market you are facing global competition. Companies must have low prices and good quality products to compete in a relied market.

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The best way to keep low prices is to lower wages. In case of this big companies are moving their Jobs overseas to poor countries. Governments of poor countries don’t thinks about pollution, because they get taxes from companies and lower unemployment level. In conclusion, I want to say that globalization cannot be stopped, because with all disadvantages It provides much more advantages.