Nutrition And Diet Therapy Instructor’s Name Campus

Nutrition And Diet Therapy Instructor’s Name Campus Words: 1281

Communication with instructor should be done through the class message system, not through the college e-mail address II. Text, Materials, Links You will need the following materials for the Course: Blackboard MindLink for MindTap Nutrition Instant Access for Sizer/Whitney’s

Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies, 13th Edition Purchase your Instant Access Code here for $80. This is the only place you can find it for this price. http://www. cengagebrain. com/micro/l-1 MI MKVN B. The course is offered through El Paso Community College using Blackboard format. 1. The student must have access toa computer with internet access. If the student does not own a computer, the computer lab and library computers will work fine. 2. The student must use a word processing program for some of the work.

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Some word processing programs are not compatible with the instructor’s software nd if that is a problem, the student will be notified early in the semester to change software. 3. The system information and required hardware and software needed for Blackboard can be found on this URL: www. epcc. edu/DistanceEd For assistance getting started with an online course and technical support, contact the 800-630-8849. EPCC Blackboard Help Desk available 2417 (Toll Free) A. How the course works: Students must arrange their schedule to include computer time to complete and submit the work that is required for the course.

Students will be working at their own pace to meet two deadlines for course content completion. 1. October 19th all coursework for Ch 1-6, is due. Course work for Ch 1-6 and the Diet Analysis will not be accepted/graded after October 19th. 2. December 14th all coursework for Ch 7-14, the Diet Analysis Assignment, and the Final is due. Course work and the Final Exam will not be accepted/graded after December 14th. B. Assignments 1 . Assignments Assignments for each chapter will be submitted only once. Once you have submitted your work, the system will not allow you to reopen them.

They are not timed and students may use their books to complete them. Each assignment is worth 40 pts. All assignments must be completed following basic rules of grammar and using complete sentences. Points will be deducted if these rules are not followed. Here is a resource to help you with basic grammar rules: http:// grammar. yourdictionary. com/style-and-usage/free-online-grammar. html 2. Quizzes/Final Exam Quizzes will be taken online when students feel prepared, after completion of chapter work.

Each quiz has 15 questions, and is worth 30 points total. You will only have one attempt of 2 hrs. to complete each quiz. A Final exam will be taken at the end of the semester within the dates indicated on the course Calendar. The exam will cover all chapters and consist of 50 multiple choice and true/false questions (total of 100 pts. ) and will be taken online. The exam is timed. Students will be allowed 2 hours to complete it. There will not be time for students to look up all answers, so the student should take time to study and prepare for the test.

Students who are satisfied with their grade after completing the 13 hapters and the Diet Analysis may opt out of taking the Final exam. 3. Diet Analysis worth 100 pts. The assignment will be open from the beginning of the semester and is due on Dec 14th. A link for a tutorial and instructions is provided here: http:// www. cengage. com/tlconnect/client/product/findProduct. do? productld=31 4. Late Work Due to the self-paced nature of the course, late work will not be accepted. You are given 7 weeks to cover 6-7 chapters of text.

You should work ahead or follow the Course Calendar to complete all the work in a timely manner. If a situation arises that ou are unable to complete the work in the suggested timeline please contact me via blackboard message or phone. 5. Extra Credit Students do have the option earn 50 points extra credits for online participation/ activity in mindtap. Extra credit will only be added per request by student and evaluated on a student per student basis. 6. Academic Dishonesty Academic dishonesty includes cheating and/or copying words or work (i. . plagiarism) that is not your own on quizzes, assignments, and discussion posts. Please don’t assume that I can’t catch cheating online there is a program monitoring all the work ou do online for my course and it will notify me if you copied and pasted any text from the textbook, web, or another students work. If discussion posts and assignments are too similar to other students’ or to your text this may constitute cheating. If you engage in academic dishonesty, you will receive an ‘F’ on the assignment/quiz/discussion post.

If you have a repeat infraction you will receive an ‘F for the entire course. 7. Student Drops The student is responsible for accessing the computer and allowing sufficient time to complete and submit the course work that is required. It is recommended that the student logon to the course often to receive any e-mail or agenda changes that might occur. It is also suggested that students follow the timeline outlined in the course Calendar to prevent unnecessary stress due to procrastination and to allow time for unforeseen technical problems.

If a student stops submitting class work, it is the responsibility of the student to initiate withdrawal from the course. The instructor assumes no responsibility for student withdrawal. The instructor cannot drop a student during the semester. 8. Instructor contact The instructor is available to the student through the blackboard class message/mail system. The instructor logs onto the course most days between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM Monday through Friday and 8:00 AM through 9:00 PM on Saturday. A message should be answered by the instructor within 5 days.

If you are experiencing (800-630-8849) before calling your instructor. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with MindTap, it is important you call the MindTap Helpline (80()-354-9706) before calling your instructor. The instructor generally starts grading assignments as they are posted however, due o the number of enrolled students this may take longer than expected. If grades for a chapter are not posted in your grade record within two weeks after submission, send a message to the instructor and this will be investigated and resolved.

IV. Course Grade A. Grading Scale: Based on a possible 1110 points for the course A = 999 points and above B = 888 to 998 points C = 777 to 887 points D = 666 to 776 points F = 665 or less points Grade Determination: B. 70 points available for each chapter (13 chapters) = 910 points Chapter Assignment- 40 points maximum Chapter Quiz – 30 points maximum 00 points maximum for Diet Analysis 100 points maximum for Final Exam 50 points maximum for Extra Credit TOTAL = 1110 points C.

My Grades = 100 points Students will be able to see their grade report at any time by clicking on the “My Grades” on the Tools link. Some grades will be posted into the grade record immediately after they are submitted. Others must be read and graded by the instructor and may take a few days for the grade to be posted. If a grade is not posted within two weeks of submission, send an e-mail to the instructor pointing out the omission and the nstructor will look into it and resolve the problem. V.

Suggestions for Student Success online exercises in the chapter content area. C. Review the Powerpoint presentations for each chapter which highlight most important material. D. Use the flash cards that are in the chapter course content for reinforcement. E. Use the online games to help remember the words in the chapter. F. View the online videos for the chapter. G. Practice reading and saying terms to others. H. Read the lesson notes and Q and A’s for each chapter l. Completing the exercises in the textbook will be helpful.