Effect of Nervousness on Speaking Ability

Effect of Nervousness on Speaking Ability Words: 255

Week 1 assignment Activity One: Nervousness (Chapter 1) Write at least a short 200 word response discussing the extent of your nervousness and how it affects your speaking ability. What strategies will you use to control your nerves and make them work for you? First, I felt that it has been a while since Vive stand in front of a large audience like this. I have been giving brief reports occasionally which mean that I do have some experience in informing and organizing ideas for presentations and speeches.

I do however feel the pressure of delivering the wrong message especially in front of the senior editors and the regional managers. Secondly, I felt that if I mispronounce a word and have long pauses to remember what I indented to say, I might have a stage fright and lose the company faith in my abilities. Even worse, I could get demoted and lose the respect of the members of my work team.

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The first strategy that I will use to control my nerves Is to think positive about what I could accomplished after successfully delivering my speech. If I can pass this speech, than I will be more confident on the next one. Secondly, I will write down my speech and practice on saying it so that I will remember my subtopic and present It better. Lastly, I will prepare a couple of weeks In advance so that what I want to present will become second nature In my mind.