Are there review sessions, office hours?

Are there review sessions, office hours? Words: 1106

You’re welcome to attend any review session and any office hour. Since we can’t know everyone’s final exam schedule, we realize that it is a possibility for you to miss your own TA’s office hours or review sessions. Every member of the Econ 10 team is happy to help you with your questions. You’re also welcome to attend more than one session. (How many should you attend? At this point, time management is at your personal discretion, and I don’t have any particular recommendation). 5. How can I study for the final? Included & excluded material:

The final will only cover the Macro portion of this class: Homework assignments 6 through 10; Quizzes 3 and 4; all recitation and lecture material we’ve covered since the Midterm. Chapter 28 is not included. Career Services lecture & related issues are not included. Solve the practice final, uploaded at Bb under “Sample tests”. Solve the questions on your own first, then consult the answer key. Review your lecture notes, and your recitation notes. Understand the big picture (intuition) as well as specifics (mechanics). Go to MyEconLab, look over homework questions. Pursue the ones ouVe gotten wrong.

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The Study Plan feature on the software will generate questions for you that are similar to the ones you missed. Solve them until you start feeling comfortable. Read your book. If a concept was never mentioned in the lecture, the recitations, homework assignments or in the quiz, you can safely assume that they won’t be on the final. The format will be similar to that of the midterm: Multiple choice questions Short-answer questions True-False questions Problems 7. What are other rules we’ll observe? Closed notes and boks No calculators No talking or sharing information

No cell-phone use Pen/pencil both 0k (regrading requests honored for exams written in pens, as stated in the syllabus) 8. Am I allowed to send emails to [email protected] com during the reading days and on the exam day? Reading Days: Yes, you are welcome to send emails. In order to reply to you in the quickest way possible, you’ll get an email back either from me or from someone on the Ec 10 team. Your email will be answered within 24 hours. On the Final exam day (December 18th): I and my team will try to do our best to get back to you. However, please don’t leave your questions to the last day. Are you holding extra review sessions? I’ll be holding a large review session during our last lecture, which is a time we know for sure everyone is available. Once the classes are over, Econ 10 events, including review sessions and TA office hours, become optional. We have scheduled a total of 20 hours of econ reviews and 18 Office hours for you in preparation for the EclO final. 10. Can I make an appointment with you? I don’t want to ask my questions when other people are around. Unfortunately, the size of the class prevents me from making individual appointments.

Unfortunately, I will not be answering questions over the phone. The most efficient way to have your EclO questions answered is to show up at a schedued event. A second, and less desired way, is to send an email. 12. May I take the final early? Unfortunately, no. The only possibility to take the Ec 10 final at a date different than the schedule final exam date is going to be in the Spring semester, for those who qualify to take the make-up. 13. Is there a make-up? Yes. The make-up is going to be scheduled in the Spring semester. The Economics Department schedules all make-up finals. . Who is allowed to take the make-up? According to Upenn rules, if you have: 3 exams scheduled within one calendar day (that is, in a 12-hour period. If you have 2 exams on one day, 1 on the other, you’re not qualified for a make-up. If you have 3 exams within a 12-hour period, and ONLY if Ec 10 is the middle exam of the day, you are able to take the make-up). illness/health emergencies religious observance UPENN Business that takes you away from Campus documented disabilities that allow you to take the exam under other circumstances a death in the family

If one of the scheduled conflicts apply to you, contact your TA immediately, so that s/ he can place you on the official make-up list. Even if you do have a valid excuse, you can’t Just show up at the make-up exam unannounced. You have to let your TA know For an unforeseen event, such an accident, or a death in the family during the exam period (and I hope we won’t have to face these negative events), please email [email protected] when you are able. 15. Who is not allowed to take the make-up? job interviews job internships beginning winter break early or returning after a scheduled exam any other reason 6.

What if I miss the final? (alarm late/missed flight/’ was sick but without a report/ stomach upset but without a report/anything under #1 5 above or similar… ) It’s your responsibility to be present. If you miss the exam for an undocumented reason, I’ll have to give you O points on it. Given our grading structure, I’ll apply Method 1 (as stated on the syllabus). You’ll lose 40% on the final, and your midterm will count towards 35% of your overall grade. Hoping for an exception? Once again, please don’t. 17. I have calculated my grade, and Method 1 gives me a higher grade. Should I ontact you? No.

We will have all your grades, including all your MyEconLab work, quizzes, the Midterm and the Final. We will calculate your grade using both methods, and automatically give you the higher one. 18. What are the cutoffs for + and – grades within a grade range? We will calculate your grade up to 3 decimal points and divide each grade into 1/3 to assign the plus and minuses. Ex: 80-83. 333 will be B-; 83. 334-86. 666 will be S; and 86. 667-89. 999 will be B+. Please recognize the fact that a class this large has a student sitting on every decimal point. There is someone at 86. 00, someone else at 86. 98, etc. We have to observe these cutoffs. For the A range: 94+ will be A; 90-93. 999 will be A-. 19. We will observe the honor code. Please act conscientiously. 20. Congratulations, you’re almost done! Please work in good faith. Economics is not over once the final exam is over. Keep reading, keep learning. In 2014, the media will be discussing the path to recovery in the US, the European economic situation, how China will lose its growth impetus, and relatedly the exchange rates. Do let me know if you have questions/comments. I’m happy to hear from you even after IVe graded you.