Conflict in Bend It Like Beckham Assignment

Conflict in Bend It Like Beckham Assignment Words: 186

This misunderstanding between generations is evident in Bend it Like Beckman. Jess, a young Indian girl who lives in England with her family, struggles against her parents to pursue her passion – soccer.

Jesses conflict with her par nets regarding whether or not she should play soccer is resolved when her parents begin to understand the changing times along with Jesses desires, demonstrating that parents are soma times unable to see what is truly best for their children. From the moment Jess is introduced in the film on, she is portrayed either tall king about or playing soccer in nearly every scene she appears in..

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Throughout the movie she vents her feelings to a David Beckman poster affixed to the wall above her bed, and her love for the sport is clearly evident as she expresses to the poster how she longs for her parent s to understand the passion she has for the sport. One day while playing in the park, Jess is invited to join an Algiers soccer team, practices and competes with the team.