Lab forensic science assignment

Lab forensic science assignment Words: 158

The death of a teen driver, how him and his partner were intoxicated, and the hit and run suspect. 2. Who is one pioneer in autopsy? What did this person contribute to the practice Of autopsies? Annuities, performed the first autopsy on Caesar confirming the number of stab wounds. 3. How does alcohol affect the body? Give specific examples from the episodes. Alcohol slows down the body and causes confusion, as it enters the liver DAD enzymes try to destroy the alcohol before it intoxicates the person.

The alcohol that escapes intoxicates the person and is spread by circulation through the heart. 4. Why is evidence important in forensic science? What evidence was important in the episodes? Why? Evidence gives clues on how a crime was committed , when, and by who. The alcohol levels in the young man, evidence at the crime scene, and the suspect pointed out by the young girl in a coma.

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